A mission that matters

One professional aspect of workplace productivity that is fundamentally broken, yet critical to career success, is peer feedback. At Matter, our mission is to help everyone reach their career aspirations and professional goals by putting the individual at the driver’s seat to become the best version of themselves. With Matter, feedback is no longer a process you passively wait for, but one in which you are actively in control. Hence, No Boss Required. 

So, who is Matter for?

  1. Young professionals who change jobs every ~18 months and never have a chance to connect with their boss to get feedback.
  2. Ambitious professionals at large companies with big career dreams that extend beyond what their company thinks they should care about.
  3. Freelancers without a boss.
  4. Designers who value the opinions of people outside their company with whom they work.

Why should you consider a career with Matter?

Matter’s team understands that feedback is important. It’s predicated on two basic human needs. We as individuals desire to: learn and grow (master) and be accepted and liked (respected). Feedback is a method to get you there because of how you are right now, isn’t the best version you can be.

We’re building a culture for growth-minded individuals where empowerment, diversity in thought, and work/life balance are values are both communicated and role modeled. We’re looking for team members who are looking for the next step in their career that have an entrepreneurial mindset, work well in ambiguity, and care deeply about developing products for lifelong learners.

Current Job Openings


Backend/Infra Engineer
San Francisco, California, United States
Frontend Engineer
San Francisco, California, United States
Full-Stack Engineer
San Francisco, California, United States


Office Manager
San Francisco, California, United States