Who we are

MANTL is a NYC-based venture-backed enterprise FinTech platform serving the U.S. commercial and retail banking market. In short, our product suite offers modern tools and experiences for the customers and operators of the 10,000+ banks nationwide that are subject to crumbling legacy infrastructure.

Yup. We realize that in no way sounds sexy. But listen, our customers think we’re super sexy.

Why? Because we’re the only one in this industry who actually put in the effort (more about that on our follow up call ;). But also because our digital products can do crazy things, like take a bank’s new customer conversion rate from single digits to over 70% (where you at, e-commerce?!).

Since launching our first product for white-labeled online bank account opening in August of 2017, we’ve released several new products, tripled our engineering headcount, and have become cash-flow positive. In our year-and-a-half of business, we’ve never even advertised or marketed the company (only getting started on that this Spring). In our short time in the market, every close competitor of ours has either been acquired by a half-century old industry conglomerate or has failed to gain market relevance.

Let’s just say, with a little luck and a lot of hard work we’ve been fortunate to find ourselves in a gooood spot. So, we’re looking for multiple product designers to help us through the next phase of scaling to a mature, design- and user-focused enterprise SaaS company. What say you? Interested?


What 2019 looks like for us

This year, our highest priorities are to release some new workflow efficiency products—stuff bank employees use to make their jobs easier. In addition to those, we have several initiatives that pertain to iterations of our existing product suite—stuff that helps banks get more customers. This will no doubt be a challenge for any incoming designer because not only are banking products inherently complex, at MANTL product designers must be especially mindful of the ecology of our system. Everything is tied together, so design decisions in one area often have major effects elsewhere. This means that frequent research and conversations with customers and experts, testing, prototyping and iteration will be an even bigger priority in 2019 than they were last year. As a designer at MANTL, you get to play a vital role every step of the way.


What you’ll be doing

You’ll be part of a core UX & Design team that handles everything from concept to research and design, and all of the iterative cycles in-between. Expect to be involved in iterations on our newest product initiatives, as well as various areas of the rest of the product suite and our design system. You’ll be working alongside virtually all the stakeholders and can expect to have frequent interactions with customers.

Altogether, you’ll play a key role in the overall product strategy and its tactical implementation. We’re looking for people who have great experiences from diverse backgrounds who can share those with the rest of the team. In return, you’ll learn a ton about the unique challenges that occur in our corner of the FinTech industry and work alongside an incredibly talented team of designers and engineers.

Additional details

  • Remote: No
  • Relocation: Yes
  • Visa: No



  • A minimum of 4 years of experience designing digital products
  • Strong portfolio showcasing user experience, interaction, and visual design. Portfolio should include process and outcomes
  • Demonstrable understanding of user research principals, and principles of design processes, methods, and activities
  • Proficiency in Sketch, and other prototyping tools

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