Extended Day Program Director Job Description 

Overview of Program 

Prepared Montessorian is excited to announce that we have developed a framework of enrichment activities and curriculum to be incorporated into extended day scheduling in our Toddler and Children’s House classrooms! The curriculum includes beautiful albums of age-appropriate culinary arts, purposeful movement for outdoors and indoors, and exploration of different art forms to engage children in creative learning. We are now offering an exciting opportunity for our Assistant Guides to lead the program in our classrooms! 

Overview of Role

As an Extended Day Program Director, you will lead the introduction and implementation of new curriculum to our current extended day programming while you continue to work directly with children and fulfill your responsibilities as an Assistant Guide. You will have the opportunity to oversee and execute all program logistics, ranging from the scheduling of different activities, supervision of staff involvement, curriculum practices, procurement of materials, and ensuring the ultimate success of the afternoon.  

The Extended Day Program Director should be an extremely organized and responsible individual. This individual will not only lead the lesson plans but provide guidance to the children and other extended day staff. Please note that during the extended day program, you will be working “in ratio” leading and personally executing the program. 

Reporting Structure

The Extended Day Program Director will continue to report to the same Head of School and will work on a consistent basis with the Prepared Montessorian Team to improve and enhance our extended care programs. 

Training Requirements

The Prepared Montessorian will host a training consisting of 3-hour sessions on April 4th and April 5th to prepare for the role. 

Time Commitment

The Extended Day Program Director will contribute an average of 5 hours per week during the work day for preparation on top of normal job responsibilities. Active participation during extended care is very important and the ED Director will oversee the day to day operations until half an hour prior to closing. Please consider your schedule and the required time commitment carefully prior to applying for this position. 


The Extended Day Program Director will earn a stipend of $160 per month ($80 per pay period) for taking on the additional responsibilities and ownership. Please note that this position will not require any extra time commitment outside of the 40-hour work week that full time Assistant Guides work.    

Core Responsibilities

  • Responsibilities of an Assistant Guide 
  • Implement new curriculums across multiple classrooms 
  • Organize, schedule, and lead activities and staff during extended care until 30 minutes prior to closing 
  • Prepare and procure required materials for lesson plans 
  • Introduce new lesson plans to children 
  • Guide extended day staff in the execution of lesson plans and activities 
  • Ensure the overall success of extended day programming and create a sense of community! 
  • Other responsibilities that may be discussed with Prepared Montessorian 
  • Participate in regular training sessions and discussions with Prepared Montessorian 
  • Be a supportive and positive leader!   


  • An Assistant Guide who is passionate about the Prepared Montessorian approach and creative learning with some experience working in classrooms 
  • Extremely organized, detail oriented, and responsible individual 
  • A natural leader who loves to guide and to be guided! 

 Application Process:

  1. Please submit your application by completing the following questionnaire by March 12th 
  2. Request for feedback will be sent to your Head of School 
  3. Interview(s) will be scheduled by March 18th 
  4. Announcements will be made by March 21st 
  5. Training invitations will be sent by March 27th 
  6. Training sessions will be held from April 4th - April 5th at 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM Pacific Time 

The deadline to submit applications is March 12th

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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