Our vision is to help companies become more customer-centric by providing them with a central source of insights on their customer experience.

Our mission is to do this by elevating those who speak to customers all day - namely customer service teams and ensuring their voice and insights are driving key decisions in their companies.

We are 50 employees, growing 100%+ a year, and scratching the surface of our potential. We have a 7 person Product + Design team and we’re looking for a VP of Product to optimize our Product Goals in partnership with our amazing, 30 person engineering team.

We’re looking to hire someone who will partner with me (CEO, co-founder) and my co-founder (CTO) with passion and dedication to build an iconic and innovative product that customers use and say ‘this is how I get my pulse on my customers, how they feel about us, and how to take action’.

We believe we’re in the first inning of our product vision.

This role will be reporting to me, with close partnership with my co-founder. There are many types of product leaders - visionaries, operators, craftspersons - and companies need different ones at different stages. 

We are looking for a craftsperson, in particular one with a technical leaning. Why? We believe great products get built on attention to details and hundreds of daily micro-decisions and leaders with crafts people mentality know what excellence looks like on the detailed level and then how to build systems and processes to ensure that attention scales.

The type of activities you can imagine yourself doing on a weekly basis would be:

  • Speaking to customers
  • Speaking to internal stakeholders
  • Aligning the roadmap and prioritization decisions across product teams and  scaling product operations
  • Working closely with Design and sometimes mocking your own vision
  • Recruiting, managing and coaching
  • Ensuring close partnership from idea through delivery

What are historical indicators that correlate highly to fit here?

  • Built and managed a ~10 person team or more
  • Owned the product roadmap of B2B Software that powers workflows for multiple personas within a company
  • Technical background (love side projects!)
  • Strong Product Intuition and appreciation for a well crafted Design and UX

At Maestro, we truly value the diversity of thought, perspectives and life experiences of our team. We know that the best outcomes stem from bringing together voices with wide ranging identities, embracing a culture of belonging, and that sustaining a workplace where everyone can bring their full selves is a path, not a destination.

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