Hi! Thank you for taking the time to research MaestroQA. Every role requires a different set of skills but every role empowers people to be decision makers. 

The most rewarding part about working at MaestroQA is the personal growth you experience as you progress on your career. We push each other to become more critical thinkers, more introspective of the biases subconsciously driving our actions, more aware of how we come across to others so we can become better communicators, and ultimately better decision makers for those we impact.

We hope that by the end of your time at MaestroQA, you have not only progressed in your career but also progressed in your life as a human being.

Current Job Openings

Customer Success

Customer Success Manager, SMB
Anywhere in North America


Back End Engineer
New York City


Head/Director of Content Marketing
Anywhere in North America
Senior Manager, Content Marketing
Anywhere in North America


New York City


Enterprise Account Executive
Anywhere in North America