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Lynx Analytics was founded in 2010 by a group of INSEAD students and professors with a strong research background in graph analytics. Several of our founders since then became professors and faculty directors of analytics centers at leading US universities. Our founding purpose? To apply graph theory to simplify and solve complex, real-world business problems.

Our mission has evolved over the years, and we currently offer a range of cutting edge data analytics and AI solutions to help companies transform their operations and optimise their commercial performance. Back then, graph theory was mostly the purview of social networking sites. We wanted to expand this technology and help companies leverage their communities to unlock greater growth.

Lynx has offices in Singapore, US, Hong Kong, Hungary, and operations in several other countries such as Canada, Germany, Indonesia. We work with some of the world’s largest companies and are constantly looking to expand our knowledge base and geographical footprint. Lynx Analytics’ technology is deployed with various Clients internationally and has significant growth potential.

We have a diverse and inclusive global team comprising Professors, PhDs, MSc’s, and MBAs from Ivy Leagues, INSEAD and NUS with a broad spectrum of experience in start-ups and blue-chip companies (Google, Databricks, ZS, Abbvie, Amgen, Vodafone, Morgan Stanley, Palantir, Katana Graph to name but a few). It is the combination of our industry insight and experience, scalable proprietary technology, and highly qualified people that drives our compelling value proposition.

We are looking for ambitious, innovative, empathetic and relentless team players to explore the career opportunities that we offer as we continue to scale our operations.

Current Job Openings


Business Consultant (India, Remote)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Data Science

Data Scientist
Budapest, Budapest, Hungary




Data Engineer
Data Engineer
San Francisco, California, United States
Machine Learning Engineer (Remote)
San Francisco, California, United States