Hi there. We’ve been waiting for you. As you know, design is much more than how a product looks. Design is about how a product works. Thus, great products require a great design, right? But you know all of that. Sure, it wasn’t always that way with you. When you were younger you were obsessed with mastering Photoshop. You spent hours and hours creating the perfect button with a slight beveled top. You were, and still are, obsessed with finding the right color palette and the right fonts for your project.
But along the way you realized that the best design is the one that works best for your end user. Sure, it should be beautiful, but function over form conquers all.
We, Logikcull, greatly value design. Good design. The market we’re in is one of the most challenging design markets to be in: the legal market. Attorneys and paralegals don’t go to law to study computer science. And yet, because of the digital transformation/disruption of the law, they are now forced to use technology in ways they weren’t initially taught. For instance: how does a lawyer with a little tech experience sift through millions of emails, text messages, PDFs, spreadsheets, audio, video, drone data, etc - you get the idea - in a matter of hours and with no time to learn the tool? 
This is a massive design challenge. And we think you’re up for the challenge.

Why we do what we do:

Logikcull’s mission is to democratize discovery. And make no mistake, our mission is hard! The costs and risks associated with complex data projects like e-discovery, responding to FOIA requests, and conducting internal investigations are skyrocketing as the amount of data increases. Logikcull is transforming these processes so they can be done in minutes, not days -- by anyone, anywhere. As a result, our customers -- solo attorneys to massive law firms, Fortune 500 companies to leading non-profits -- can find and use important information quickly so they can focus on their important work, whether it’s pursuing a better democracy or saving the Earth.  

Who we are:

Based in San Francisco, Logikcull is the leading provider of discovery automation. Its secure cloud-based platform is trusted by hundreds of organizations, including the US Government, Fortune 500 and Am Law 200, who use it to efficiently solve the complex data challenges associated with electronic discovery, internal investigations, subpoena response, FOIA, claims processing and more.

What we need:

This person will be part of the growing Engineering, Product and Design (EPD) Team but you are the first full time design hire. You will collaborate with this team to drive the overall designs of the product forward. You will be a champion of design thinking and help encourage and inspire creativity around the organization. We need someone who works well across departments, from the executive team, to the customer success team and even our customers. You will be able to review past design choices and our code base and advise us on future decisions we make. You will collaborate closely with our product and engineering teams to find better, faster and simpler ways for our customers to accomplish their jobs with our product. Revenue, NPS and other company goals follow from this so you will be a vital member of our team!

What you’ll be doing:

  • Collaborating with our product team to create wireframes for design improvements
  • Forming hypotheses and running tests to  gain insight into what works and what doesn’t
  • Collaborating in a cross functional team with engineers and product managers to build out prototypes and mockups
  • Working closely with the exec team to execute on the future vision of our product
  • Talking with customers to gather first-hand experience about how they use our product
  • Defining design solutions and making recommendations for areas to focus design improvements.
  • Refining and improving our design language
  • Wearing a lot of hats -- helping with interaction design, visual design and UX

What we need from you:

  • 3+ years of design experience
  • A burning desire to to make things better (but also an understanding of when something is done)
  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment either as a sole designer or leader of a small team
  • Ability to work with intentionality and purpose
  • Leadership and mentorship experience will be helpful to succeed in this role. Although this is not a management role, the team is growing quickly and there will be plenty of opportunity to help mentor other designers.  
  • A balanced ego. We love strong opinions about good and bad design and how to improve it, but you should also be okay with compromise.
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