At Logikcull we have built a highly distributed data processing pipeline that crunches terabytes of data a month.  However, we are quickly outgrowing our current system and need top notch talent to scale!  As a backend engineer at Logikcull, you’ll need a high level of understanding across an array of technologies to problem solve competently and achieve team goals and output requirements.  It’s a balance of scalability, fault tolerance, systems intelligence and cloud computing know-how in a rapid-growth environment.  Our team is highly collaborative and thrives on new ideas and input.

Solving scaling problems is pretty satisfying.  But it’s the impact Logikcull is having on our society that is even more rewarding. For instance, governments can now turn around open records requests (i.e. FOIA), within days by using Logikcull. Prior to Logikcull, this process used to take weeks, months, and, we’re not kidding, years, to complete. 

Another example where Logikcull is making a difference in our society is via non-profits.  Take Earth Justice for instance:  Logikcull was instrumental in helping them to save an endangered species of wolves (see our blog post).  How awesome is that!

This is why we do what we do.  And the positive team-focused engineering culture at Logikcull (see an example of our culture) makes working through these challenges exciting and rewarding.  If this is something you would like to be a part of, we’d love to hear from you.  See below for how to apply.

Our current stack includes: Redis, MySQL, MongoDB, and Elasticsearch, all running in AWS.

About Us

Our mission is to reveal what’s inside data, so you can do the right thing. Our vision is to become the platform for which all legal intelligence flows. We’re a venture-backed company ($14M raised from OpenView & Storm Ventures). The technology we’ve built is known as cloud-based legal intelligence. Businesses, law firms, governments, and nonprofits all over the world use our technology to quickly understand what’s inside their data. They use our technology for things like litigation matters, internal investigations, open records requests, data archiving, and more. What used to take people weeks and dozens of people is now routinely done in hours by just one person.

Job Responsibilities

  • You will take ownership within our codebase, writing, maintaining clean, modular code.
  • You are able to take a design/proposal and carry it through to a thoughtful and polished end result with good test coverage.
  • You will support our amazing Customer Success team in helping diagnose/explain user-reported bugs and fix existing bugs.
  • You will review code written by other engineers and provide useful and honest feedback.
  • You will help with architecting solutions to scale our proprietary data processing platform for 10x, 100x, and beyond.  
  • You will participate in on-call rotations and work effectively and collaboratively during site outages.

Job Requirements

  • You have 4+ years of experience in the Ruby language in a production environment.
  • You have a good understanding of highly distributed processing systems.
  • You are comfortable navigating through complex data structures and algorithms, and have a strong desire to produce optimal code for speed and efficiency.
  • You are familiar with the basics of scalable software design and architecture.
  • [Bonus] You have experience with Elasticsearch and/or other search technologies.
  • [Bonus] You have experience with MongoDB and/or other NoSQL technologies.
  • [Bonus] You have a solid understanding of file formats, particularly document formats, e.g. (MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Acrobat, Etc...).
  • You have excellent communication skills and the willingness to share your expertise.
  • You are pragmatic and sensible in your approach to problem solving.
  • You are able to think critically and gather data to constructively support your position.

Culture Requirements

  • Engineers at Logikcull are highly technical, independent, and self organized. We place a lot of trust in our developers to make the right decisions on a day-to-day basis and be pragmatic and transparent about decisions they make.
  • You'll fit in at Logikcull if you are a team player without an ego. We regularly team up with co-workers in a tight-knit (highly distributed) environment for collaboration.
  • We want our engineers to continually want to grow. You are always looking to get better and you keep up with newest technologies and consider yourself a polyglot.
  • You are thoughtful and detail driven, but also willing to take risks and experiment in the name of innovation.
  • You are fine with with throwing away things if they don't work out, and able to recognize early on when something isn't working out.

The Logikcull Engineering Team


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