LiveRamp is the trusted platform that makes data accessible and meaningful. Our services power people-based customer experiences that improve the relevance of marketing and allow consumers to better connect with the brands and products they love. We thrive on solving the toughest technical and customer challenges, and we're always looking for smart, compassionate people to help us blaze a trail. 

Mission: LiveRamp makes it safe and easy for businesses to use data effectively.


LiveRamp recently acquired DataFleets, a Silicon Valley leader in privacy-preserving and federated data analytics, and is continuing to build their engineering team.

Privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) like differential privacy and federating learning have tremendous market-demand and strong theoretical foundations. We are building a future in which all data, anywhere, can be connected and useful without compromising individual data privacy. The LiveRamp engineering team is making this grand vision a reality. DataFleets operates like a startup within a larger company, stays on the bleeding-edge of research in PETs, and bridges the gap between theory and practice by employing rigorous software engineering practices to develop technology.


  • Design and build distributed, scalable, resilient services and systems that power LiveRamp’s multi-cloud infrastructure. 
  • Work closely with product and data scientists to solve complex problems at a global scale 
  • Design and build services that will securely deploy and manage resources enabling data collaboration across all major cloud providers
  • Setup and maintain Infrastructure & Product Reliability monitoring and alerting
  • Design cloud infrastructure to enable data collaboration capabilities that allow different parties to connect their own data.
  • Build tools that enable data analysts and data scientists to turn data into actionable insights. 
  • Work in close collaboration with global team members based in California, Colorado, London and elsewhere.


  • 8+ years of combined experience in the fields of DevOps, Cloud Infrastructure or production engineering 
  • Extensive experience in designing and building applications in Go, C/C++, Kotlin or other statically typed programming languages and enjoys picking up new languages. 
  • Must have experience with core concepts and developing services that leverage the Kubernetes API. 
  • Experience with designing and developing highly scalable distributed systems 
  • Ability to diagnose technical problems, debug code, and automate routine tasks 
  • Enjoy working as part of a distributed team: smart, ethical, friendly, hard-working, and productive 
  • Just lazy enough to continuously automate your day job


  • Experience developing federated cloud deployments across regions
  • Experience using cloud native tools such as Helm, Envoy, Prometheus, traefik and/or others listed on landscape.cnf.io.
  • Experience working with multi cloud setups
  • Experience with designing and building systems that use the Kubernetes Go client to integrate with Kubernetes API. 
  • Experience with securing systems in a public cloud environment

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