LiveRamp is the trusted platform that makes data accessible and meaningful.
Our services power people-based customer experiences that improve the relevance of marketing and allow consumers to better connect with the brands and products they love.
We thrive on solving the toughest technical and customer challenges, and we’re always looking for smart, compassionate people to help us blaze a trail.

Mission: LiveRamp makes it safe and easy to connect the world’s data, people, and applications.



You are a trailblazer among your peers and regarded as a User Experience expert. You are not scared by highly-nested workflows, complex concepts, and deep interaction models: your mind and craft is like a scalpel, and it can cut through these tangled realities and create experiences that will get an Enterprise user up and running in a matter of minutes, not hours or days.


You don't wait for the information and insights to come to you - you go out and get them. You are a proud geek that has earned the respect of every engineer you have worked with. But most importantly, you are fun to work with and bring a sense of humor to the toughest of challenges while working alongside peers who, like you, are unconstrained by the status quo.



You will...

No day is ever the same at LiveRamp, but the responsibilities of your day-to-day job would include the following:

  • Own the development of the UX strategy, user journeys, and forward-looking user experiences across a wide variety of SaaS products and projects.
  • 负责各种SaaS产品和项目中的UX策略,用户历程和前瞻性用户体验的开发
  • Craft beautiful and efficient design artifacts of all sorts (user flows, interactive prototypes, site architectures, wireframes, data visualizations, etc.) that are engaging to product leaders, actionable to engineers, and deliver flawless experiences to our users.
  • 负责制作各类美观有效的设计工件(例如:用户流程,交互式原型,站点架构,线框,数据可视化等),这些产品可吸引产品负责人,使工程师付诸实践,并为我们的用户提供完美的体验
  • Make strategic design decisions related to existing and new products and experiences, and be able to back those decisions up with a narrative at the intersections of user needs and business outcomes.
  • 制定与现有产品和新产品以及相应用户体验有关的战略设计决策,并能够根据用户需求和业务成果的交汇点来支持这些决策
  • Partner with user research, and then utilize those insights and your expert storytelling skills to help product leaders and engineering teams work together to deliver outstanding user experiences and business outcomes.
  • 与用户研究合作,利用这些见解和您的专业的叙事能力帮助产品负责人和工程团队一起紧密工作,以呈现出色的用户体验和业务成果
  • Engage product leaders to identify, scope, and prioritize design, UX research, and documentation needs and activities.
  • 与产品负责人配合,一同合同确认框架,确定设计范围,划分工作优先级,进行UX研究以及文档需求和活动支持
  • Contribute to the maturation of our design system, design practices, agile methodology, and culture as we scale the human-centered design practice at LiveRamp.
  • 在LiveRamp扩展以人为本的设计实践时,为我们的设计系统,设计实践,敏捷方法论和文化的成熟做出贡献


About you...

  • Proficiency in UX design and prototyping tools (Sketch, Invision, Abstract)
  • 精通UX设计和原型制作工具(Sketch,Invision,Abstract)
  • An excellent online portfolio showcasing design artifacts, design processes with a strong design acumen and articulate storytelling. Candidates will not be considered without a portfolio.
  • 拥有出色的在线作品集,能够展示出设计工件,充满巧思和清晰叙事能力的设计流程。(没有作品集的将不作为候选人考虑)
  • You have experience and the ability to resolve and remove roadblocks and help teams deliver on outcomes, avoid churn, and strengthen relationships between individuals and teams.
  • 具备解决和消除障碍并帮助团队实现成果的经验和能力,避免流失,能加强个人与团队之间的关系    
  • Type S(tartup) personality: smart, ethical, friendly, hard-working and proactive (no exceptions)
  • 聪明、诚信守则、友善、勤奋、积极主动
  • Desire to work in Shanghai
  • 愿意在上海工作


Bonus points...

  • Previous experience promoting privacy-enhancing design solutions.
  • 曾有过基于隐私保密角度来增强设计解决方案的经验
  • Previous experience designing for data-rich products.
  • 具有丰富的数据产品的设计经验


Required Experience & Education 

  • 10+ years of design experience
  • 10年以上设计工作经验
  • Bachelor’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction, Product Design, Web Design, Graphic Design, Architecture, Cognitive Psychology or related field
  • 本科及以上学历,人机交互,产品设计,网页设计,图形设计,建筑,认知心理学等相关专业优先


Bonus Points Experience & Education 

  • 15+ years of design experience
  • 15年以上设计工作经验
  • Master degree in Human-Computer Interaction, Product Design, Web Design, Graphic Design, Architecture, Cognitive Psychology or related field
  • 硕士及以上学历,人机交互,产品设计,网页设计,图形设计,建筑,认知心理学等相关专业优先



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