Why you should join us:

  • Our mission is to help children (aged 2-6 years) all around the world learn critical skills, affordably and effectively through the world's best teachers. We teach more effectively than a live teacher, for a fraction of the price, making education scalable, effective, and accessible through asynchronous learning and communication. We've started with speaking English, and have already built the most effective, affordable and fun way to do so - all through a connected mobile or tablet.
  • Our people are a smart bunch, brought together by our mission and work extremely hard to deliver on what is required. We can clearly see how our role plays a key part in the company's success and are super hungry to grow in our careers. We aim to consistently achieve great results, but if we don't, that's ok - we learn from our mistakes and progress forward. We're humble in our approach and are real team players - making sure that we only celebrate success when the team succeed. Collectively, we speak over eight languages in the team.
  • Our customers love what we do and advocate our mission. We really care about their child's development, providing them with the critical skills that they need to succeed in life. Parents praise us and children love us - with some families using us for over three years. Together, we're only at the beginning of what we can achieve.
  • Our technology allows us to create innovative ways to teach the Lingumi children in new ways - we're working on ground breaking technology that will revolutionise how they learn. Children can connect to their friends and other children from around the world, to learn together, and take us one step closer to connecting this world and making it a better place.
  • Our investors and advisors range from Europe's best VC's, including Local Globe and ADV, to advisors such as Michael O'Sullivan, former CEO of Cambridge Assessment and the British Council in China.

How we get there:

We’re on an exciting trajectory - over the last year we've gained incredible traction through the first course on our platform, and are rapidly scaling our customer base, particularly across mainland China, and Taiwan. However, our target is to teach 100 million children critical skills by 2025, so we're only just beginning!

The benefits of working with Lingumi:

  • Generous salary and equity packages
  • Company laptop and working equipment
  • Unlimited leave
  • We offer a £50 per month 'health budget' to help subsidise gym memberships, classes, mental health applications or similar paid services (e.g. Calm, Headspace, etc.)
  • We offer a £1000 per year budget on Learning & Development specifically for courses, coaches, books, or mentoring related to your career growth
  • We provide you with a one-off £300 budget for home office setups such as chair and desk for you to be productive at home
  • We provide you with access to our Mental Health and Wellness platform Spectrum.Life. Through Spectrum.life you can access mental health support e.g. counselling, CBT that suits your needs. The platform also contains a variety of wellness courses and content, as well as access to the Spectrum.Life Digital Gym. This allows you to take part in up to 20 online exercise classes per week. Spectrum Life is available to you, as well as any immediate family who live in your household (over the age of 16).
  • We want you to be located near enough to one of our Hubs so you can attend key team meetings and events (where safe to do so), but we embrace remote work and working from home, and we have done for many years. Lingumi hasn't had to react to COVID-19 working conditions so you'll have a smooth experience whether in the office or not. Outside of core meetings, you can organise your time how you want - some team members spend their less less productive afternoon hours for personal wellness things like going to the gym or getting a haircut

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