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Lingo Live is the platform that helps develop the next generation of leaders and drive real impact and behavior change in your workforce through Skills-Based Coaching and Applied Learning.

Our mission is to empower leaders to contribute their unique potential in the workplace, allowing them to drive success across teams and organization-wide. We do this by creating custom coaching programs by mapping our Skills Catalog to the needs of L&D teams' unique talent development programs. Our Skills Catalog, designed by experts in leadership development, provides a structured program that ensures consistency and quality, while its flexibility, ensures coaching is grounded in a company’s business and culture and coachees can follow their own unique path.   

Our applied learning model ensures each coachee up-levels their skills through coaching and then applies those skills in the workplace to achieve tangible behavior change. Skills include categories like: communication, emotional intelligence, people, performance, thought, and cultural intelligence. Through developing these skills, coachees become more self-confident, more engaged, and higher performers and as a result, L&D teams accelerate meeting their goals.

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