The OpenTracing project defines a standard that makes understanding, building, and improving distributed systems easier. In doing so, it improves the quality of open source tools and applications across the board. LightStep wants to support that goal: we all benefit when complex software becomes self-describing. We’re looking for a teammate who is knowledgeable about popular open source technologies and best practices, eager to be an expert on distributed systems performance, and can lend a hand as a teacher, communicator, and open source code contributor to help move the OpenTracing community forward.

The OSS Engineer role is for software developers with a love for working open source, and interest in product management. In addition writing code, the OSS engineers are expected to show leadership by helping others contribute, champion issues, and managing project roadmaps and backlogs.

Valued strengths

  • You are self-motivated and are great at prioritization, even when there’s “too much to do.”
  • You have experience working on distributed systems and performance at scale.
  • Capable of engaging with other large OSS projects and champion their adoption of OpenTracing.
  • Comfortable working in multiple languages, and strong language-level expertise in at least one.
  • You’re capable of mediating conflict and managing people who don’t work for you.

Bonus points if…

  • You’re already an active participant in the OpenTracing community.
  • You have previous experience managing or contributing to a large open source project.
  • You’re a good teacher and public speaker.
  • Have a positive voice on social media.

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