The Life House Manifesto:

We believe that travel is a social good that helps everyone discover their sense of belonging and connect with others. Our mission is to make travel more accessible by making independent hotels operationally autonomous and maximally profitable. To be successful, we need hotels to run themselves and we do this by automating the back-office operations and enabling lower skilled on-site staff to be highly effective with minimal training or experience.

We’re focused in the small independent hotel space and we are primarily a B2B business, where our primary focus is making hotels run smoother and more profitably in a manner that is agnostic to the hotel guest experience. To help us execute on this manifesto, we are looking for a Vice President of Asset Management to build, improve, and oversee our hotel management operating blueprint. The VP of Asset Management role is a key member of the senior team with oversight of hotel operations, B2B customer (hotel owners) relations, and responsible for overseeing the delivery of our promises to our customers while maximizing our gross margins.


Core Responsibilities:

  • Develop, improve, and own the execution of Life House’s hotel management business
  • Own the execution of how value is created and sustained for its hotel owners and minimize the cost to Life House (maximize our margins) for doing so
  • Developing scalable assembly line-like systems for launching, taking over management, and operating new hotels that we sign up. This includes creating annual budgets, proactively ensuring those budgets are hit on a monthly basis, developing scalable corrective action plans whenever things are not going to budget, ensuring that owners can feel good about Life House operating their property and achieving the future looking budgets, coordinating across functional teams to ensure that all teams execute on their responsibilities, monitoring and reporting on property performance, and identifying potential issues & opportunities for value enhancement
  • Own the KPIs related to Life House’s core value to hotel owners (financial performance) as measured by hotel owner satisfaction/NPS and the hotels’ financial performance
  • Work cross-functionally with hotel operations, F&B operations, revenue management, finance and marketing to ensure they too have the optimal operating systems to deliver on our value proposition and service offering
  • Own / oversee all relationships with customers such that Owners can rely solely on the Asset Management team and do not bother the rest of the business
  • Develop / improve our asset management operating system to enable ever more inexperienced and lower cost team members to be highly successful
  • Note: Initially reports to the CEO, eventually to the COO or SVP of Operations


Core Skills and Competencies:

The ideal candidate will demonstrate competence in the following areas:

  • Leadership – Some experience building, developing, and scaling great teams;
  • Robust verbal and written communication skills to support leading teams at scale and getting your ideas crisply down into visual and written presentations;
  • A strong quantitative analytical background, including a foundational understanding of finance, hotel operations, and hotel P&Ls (while also acknowledging that the industry standard today is suboptimal & that we can add value by doing things differently)
  • Experience building lean operating systems for scale with a focus on unit economics;
  • Ability to convert complex information and metrics into compelling and impactful presentation material, with a focus on the information and metrics that will drive effective decision-making;

At Life House, the “how” we do things is as important as the “what” we do. As such, the ideal candidate will also be:

  • A first-principles thinker: Your natural instinct is to reason through first-principles vs reasoning by analogy. We’re trying to innovate, which means the way things have been done before are not directly applicable.
  • Objective-Oriented: You never start tackling a problem or project until you truly understand the objectives. By spending time up-front clearly defining and aligning on the objectives, you ensure that all of our efforts are pointed in the right direction.
  • Highly analytical: You love getting to the root cause of a problem and you’re not comfortable with information unless you understand the “why” behind it. You can learn and understand a business from the #s first and aren’t afraid of getting into the weeds.
  • An automation junky: When you see a repetitive things being done manually, it bothers you! You’re always on the lookout for ways to automate & do things faster/cheaper.
  • “Winning Mentality”: You are determined to win and won’t lower expectations or feel defeated in the face of challenges or setbacks.
  • A Bias for Action: We are moving fast and often have to optimize for speed, we’re looking for someone who has a bias for action versus inaction and who can think critically quickly to make those actions optimal in the face of imperfect information
  • Charismatic & Persuasive: You are able to interact with customers and get them bought into your views, decisions, and perspectives, even if they’re not what someone wants to hear.


Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Finance, or some business field preferred;
  • Ideally some experience working at an investment bank, private equity firm, or management consulting firm


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