Life Edit Therapeutics

Life Edit is a next-generation gene editing company dedicated to paving the way to faster, safer, more innovative gene editing therapeutics that treat diseases once thought to be incurable. Our platform allows us to target any genomic sequence and develop life-changing therapies for the most challenging genetic disorders.

Life Edit has one of the world’s largest and most diverse arrays of novel RNA-guided nucleases and base editors that are active in mammalian cells. They were developed from a proprietary collection of non-pathogenic organisms, and offer gene editing tools with higher fidelity, novel functionality, reduced immune response risk, and easier delivery. Our genome editing platform is derived from AgBiome’s proprietary collection of tens of thousands of microbes. We retain access to this growing microbial collection to mine for gene editing systems with uses in human therapeutics.

Life Edit is an Elevatebio portfolio company. We are focused on strengthening our platform, developing a pipeline of gene therapies, and sharing our expertise through strategic partnerships.

Current Job Openings

Life Edit Therapeutics

Business Development

Senior Director, Alliance Management
Durham, North Carolina

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Genome Editing
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R&D Program Management

Senior Director, Program Management
Durham, North Carolina