Leyline Renewable Capital

By providing essential capital earlier in a project’s life cycle than most other investors, Leyline Renewable Capital is changing the way renewable energy projects are developed and financed. We are a rapidly growing renewable energy finance company with an on-the-ground, real-world mindset. Our team includes experienced renewable energy development and finance experts who are motivated to accelerate the pace of green energy projects and reduce the world’s carbon footprint.

As a company made up of citizens concerned with equity and justice, we recognize that we cannot achieve our goals without a diverse, empowered team. Please see our Statement on Equity here. Instead of asking new team members to conform to our “culture”, we strive to offer candidates with an equitable and accessible recruitment process so that we can hire people who will continually transform and improve our business and workplace culture.

Everything we do revolves around our core values:


  • We forge sustainable communities. We protect and shape the world of tomorrow. We identify and fill gaps within our systems to advance social and environmental justice and drive us toward an equitable future.


  • We honor our commitments. We operate with honesty and integrity. When we see a problem, we solve it.


  • We adapt and innovate. We evolve and grow alongside our partners to fit their needs. We are ready to change course when new circumstances or opportunities arise.


  • We maintain a growth mindset. We embrace professional and personal learning curves. We approach challenges with positivity and remain resilient.


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