We’re looking for some seriously high-caliber Software Engineers. We’re a .Net shop but if you are a strong OO Developer (Java, Objective-C/Swift, C++, etc.) we’re confident you’ll be able to jump right in.


Quick intro…

                We’re highly selective  =  you’ll be working with other great Software Engineers

                Profitable  =  we can afford the latest technologies and some very impressive benefits and perks

                300 employees  =  minimal bureaucracy

                Household name  =  98% of the people you meet still won’t understand what you do but at least they’ll recognize where you do it!


A sample of what you might be doing: 

  • Develop complex algorithms to solve business needs (e.g. how to match a customer to the best possible partner given the strict criteria of both.)                              
  • Work hand-in-hand with the business on the best way to solve problems (one day you could be improving the performance of the customer experience, the next you might be developing functionality that provides complex analytics for the business.)    
  • Leveraging the latest technologies (AngularJS, MongoDB, SignalR, Redis, AWS) to build enterprise-wide, scalable systems


 Why you’ll fit in:

  • You have at least 8 yrs. of professional development exp. 
  • Expereince mentoring and leading others
  • You truly have a passion for technology and you’re willing to voice your opinions
  • You enjoy using your development and critical thinking skills to solve complex problems
  • You’re a full-stack developer - or at least have a strong interest in all layers
  • The very word bureaucracy sends shivers down your spine. You’d much rather just roll up your sleeves and get stuff done.


 Why you’ll want to work here:

  • We’re making a real difference in the financial lives of consumers. The work you’ll do here matters.
  • Chance to work with top Software Engineers that previously were at other leading technology companies like Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn.
  • Tech Dev isn’t the only area that rocks, everyone at LendingTree does!
  • Unique entrepreneurial environment filled with flip-flops, t-shirts and people that take their job seriously. We’re a start-up company in publicly traded suit. Read: we have a lot of fun and can afford the grown-up toys. 


More about LendingTree:

  • We are a meritocracy, not bureaucracy
  • Flat structure, very minimal oversight
  • Dress code – we don’t have one. (Flip flops, shorts, jeans…   whatever.)
  • We don't even keep track of how many paid vacation days you take! (of course your manager's approval is needed before you take off on your family vacation.)
  • Great perks: $3 catered lunches Mon. - Thurs., free bagels every Fri., on site gym (employees are encouraged to workout during the day. “Is that true?" Yep.)
  • Great benefits and good work life balance


Our Company     
LendingTree was founded by CEO Doug Lebda to help people comparison shop and get a great deal on the single biggest transaction of their lives: their mortgage.  We’ve helped over 30 million people in the home buying process. We’re publicly traded (Nasdaq: TREE), we’re financially sound and we’re on a tear.  


Our Culture     
Want to wear shorts and comfy shoes to work? No problem! Our clothes are casual, but our work ethic is anything but. Every one of us is expected to challenge the status quo, to have an opinion and to ask for the ball and run with it. 

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