Want to work on something that matters? Ladder is life insurance built to be instant, simple, and smart. Life insurance is a fundamentally good product for families and communities. Unfortunately, the traditional life insurance process is unnecessarily burdensome, involving in-person meetings with agents, physical paperwork, and 6-8 weeks of waiting. This outdated process has resulted in a $16 trillion coverage gap in the United States.

We are a growing team of innovators going after this huge market by putting the user at the center of product design. We've combined a dead-simple, online application with automatic, real-time underwriting to make instant decisions and provide on-the-spot coverage.

We're looking for a security-focused engineer who is excited to help us reimagine what life insurance can be.

You may be a great fit even if you don't meet some or all of the following bullet points. We'd love to meet you and hear about your unique skillset!

You will:

  • Provide security input on new product features and technologies decisions
  • Configuration and work with IT to secure our SaaS accounts, company laptops, and corporate network
  • Work with legal to define our policies for information security, business continuity and  disaster recovery, vendor management, etc.
  • Own the disaster recovery plan and lead our incident response drills 
  • Keep Ladder secure while also making things convenient and simple for our users and employees
  • Lead our responses to security questions and diligence requests from third parties
  • Manage our bug bounty program and external pen testers and fix issues they uncover

You may be a good fit if you...

  • Love automating things and eliminating manual processes and work
  • Know how to defend against the OSWAP Top Ten
  • Have experience working in a security role
  • Familiarity or interest in AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Clojure
  • Feel comfortable talking with external stakeholders authoritatively about the ins and outs of our security posture
  • Have experience developing, reviewing, and implementing infosec policies

Our engineering values

  • Bottom-up leadership: teams are most successful when everybody shares their ideas, comfortable that they'll be seriously considered. engineers can and should provide product & business insights.
  • Ship fast without breaking things: we've invested heavily in engineering tooling that provides guardrails without getting in your way. We believe in shipping MVPs & iterating quickly rather than waiting for perfection to ship.
  • Invest in automation: automating repetitive tasks saves time and reduces errors. We're always on the lookout for manual workflows to automate away.
  • Continuous improvement: we learn from our past wins & losses by conducting blameless retros.


  • While it's great if you're already familiar with some of these, we strongly believe that general technical proficiency is more important than knowledge of specific technologies. If the role sounds interesting, please apply even if you don't know any of these technologies!
  • Frontend: Clojurescript, React, GraphQL
  • Backend: Clojure, JVM
  • Infrastructure: Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, Packer, Terraform, AWS
  • Data: BigQuery, Tableau, BEAM

What we offer

Ladder is building a diverse team of talented and enthusiastic people. We are an equal opportunity workplace. At Ladder, differences are celebrated and supported for the benefit of our people, our product, and our community. Let us know why you’re interested in this position and what unique contributions you can make to the Ladder team.

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