Kurtosis Technologies

Kurtosis is writing the next chapter in the history of software development.

The story of computer science is one of abstraction layers built over abstraction layers: 0's and 1's become assembly code, C becomes Java, CPUs become the personal computer, and Kubernetes becomes Kurtosis.

By building an end-to-end environment control platform for the entire development cycle, Kurtosis allows individual developers to prototype, test, and iterate on a distributed system as a whole - saving massive amounts of developer time and unlocking workflows that were previously impossible.

Our target use cases encompass any distributed system development work - including microservices, distributed databases, or sensor fleets. However, we are starting in a smaller, targeted niche: web3.

No space needs next-generation distributed system development technology more than the blockchain space, where our initial users and customers are building the future of finance. Kurtosis users include Ava Labs, Solana, Chainlink, NEAR, and the Ethereum Foundation. Notably, the Ethereum Foundation is using Kurtosis to test The Merge from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake: the hardest software migration in the history of software.

Current Job Openings


Senior Backend Engineer
Remote, Timezones from US Eastern Time to GMT+1