Kuncie is an upskilling and networking app for Indonesia’s side hustlers and micro business owners. We connect aspiring entrepreneurs to local mentors with local know-how to help turn their business goals into a reality.

Kuncie wants to help aspiring entrepreneurs like you with local business owners in Indonesia who are ready to share practical knowledge and tips through online video courses and 1-on-1 mentoring sessions.

Not only that, you can also interact with other aspiring entrepreneurs, for an interactive, fun learning experience!

Features of Kuncie:

📲 Watch short, concise and knowledgeable videos
Various kinds of practical tips directly from business people and experts. Want to know how to start a business from scratch? Or how to use FB Ads? Or even how to see trends in an industry? Find it all at Kuncie!

📝 Get a unique curriculum for your needs
Everyone has their own goals and objectives, so it wouldn't be strange if they had different paths. At Kuncie, find a learning curriculum created to meet your learning needs and desires, and only you!

🎁 Collect points and exchange them for various prizes
Collect points at Kuncie and you can exchange them for other exclusive video access, personal mentoring sessions, or other attractive prizes!

💬 Have a mentoring session with your favorite Mentor
Live discussion with your favorite mentor on the Kuncie platform! They are ready to listen and help you through problems surrounding the business you are in!

🤝 Expand your network through interactions with other Kuncie users
Knowledge can come from anywhere - including fellow Kuncie users. Find other business people and brainstorm with them. Maybe, your new business opportunity will come from one of them!

What are you waiting for?
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