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Kronos Research is a proprietary trading firm that delivers superior trading performance through its deep quantitative research capabilities.  Research and machine learning are at the core of the business strategy. Under the leadership of Wall Street veterans Mark Pimentel and Jack Tan and applying HFT strategies to cryptocurrency trading, Kronos has become one of the top quant trading firms in the world, averaging more than USD 5 Billion/ day in trading volume.


Business philosophy

Together we work on meaningful goals and solve complex problems. Our team is defined by a high-performance culture that values collaboration and meritocracy. We like being challenged and don’t mind putting in the hard work. While the recognition and extremely competitive compensation make it a sweet place to work at, we are united fundamentally by our love and curiosity for innovation in financial markets and technology.

The next phase of our company will be about becoming the best place for liquidity and using that position to create positive change. Our ultimate goal is to provide the infrastructure to make investing and trading easier and fairer for people around the world. One day, in any country, people will be able to invest in a Japanese stock, a German hedge fund, or a new cryptocurrency.


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