Kodiak Cakes



We’re Becoming The Most Loved, Next-Generation Food Brand 

We’re doing some cools stuff here, like creating a full-on food revolution. At Kodiak, we're all about bringing the real, good-for-you stuff back into your kitchen. Our team’s got a fire in their belly to uphold this commitment. 

We’re Voted Utah’s Best Places to Work 

We're not your average workplace. We've got the title of Utah's Best Places to Work, and for good reason! We love staying small because it means we can offer some seriously awesome perks. How does Early-Out Fridays sound? Yeah, we like to start our weekend adventures early. And guess what? We even give you Bear Bucks, a stipend to fuel your adventures. We know that getting out there and enjoying nature is just as important as the work we do. 

We’re An Employee Equity Company 

We kicked off an amazing initiative in 2017 to make everyone an owner. That's right, your success is our success, and we celebrate it together. Every effort you put in counts, and we make sure to share the victories and cheer each other on. 

So, if you're all about real food, a kick-ass work culture, and the chance to join the bear den that supports and celebrates each other, then Kodiak is the place to be. Join us in this exciting adventure and let's make a real difference together! 



Current Job Openings


Accounts Receivable Manager
Park City, Utah



Field Marketing Intern
Park City, Utah
Park City, Utah
Senior Brand Manager
Park City, Utah

Research & Development

R&D Food Scientist
Park City, Utah
Sensory Scientist
Park City, Utah