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Kobalt is one of the world’s largest, most innovative music companies, using technology to power creative freedom, transparency, ownership and control for artists, songwriters, publishers, and labels. 

Founded in 2000 by Swedish entrepreneur Willard Adhitz, the startup built a platform to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and transparency across the billions of micro-payments collected in today’s highly complex digital world. As the traditional music companies fought technology and contracted, Kobalt embraced it and grew, building an infrastructure and world-class creative team purposely designed to usher in the streaming era, along with a more fair, rewarding music business for creators. Our technology enables them to access royalty payments 4x faster while also maximising the royalty collection amounts.

With over 400 employees in 12 offices around the world, Kobalt today represents over 31,000 artists and songwriters, 700,000 songs and 600 publishing companies. Kobalt is proud to work with artists, songwriters, and companies like Childish Gambino, Max Martin, Paul McCartney and MPL Communications, Disney Music Group, and many more. 


Kobalt continues to grow 3x faster than the market and as such has a continuous focus on scaling out its systems, products and services to cope with the increasing demand. One of the key opportunities for Kobalt is to address the masses of songwriters that are reasonably early in their careers and as such struggle to get representation from strong publishers. As most publishers depend on primarily manual processes, the cost of service usually outweighs the revenue potential that those songwriters would generate. Through technology, Kobalt aims to reduce the cost of service for each individual songwriter, making it viable to support large numbers of songwriters at a marginal cost.

Over the last 2 years, we have made great progress in replatforming some of our existing systems, with key emphasis on data processing pipelines as they’re the most sensitive to exponential volume growth. While we will continue those efforts for the remainder of 2021, we are now also at the beginning of the journey of providing better client experiences to our songwriters. Our plan is to focus on financial analysis dashboards, catalogue management and licensing tools that will help our songwriters manage their copyrights on a global scale.

Our development platform is constantly being improved and at the moment we’re focusing on the following technologies (with scope to consider others when appropriate):

  • Frontends and BFFs: React and Node.js
  • Backend APIs and services: Java (and Scala but only in a spark context)
  • Infrastructure as code: Terraform
  • Cloud Deployments: AWS, CloudFlare, Kubernetes and CircleCI
  • Data processing: Kafka, Spark


  • Prior experience of building and establishing an engineering team from scratch.
  • Prior experience of building and operating user facing products in collaboration with Product Managers, UX functions and user tracking & analytics. I.e. demonstrable experience in modern user facing product development as an engineering lead/manager.
  • Passionate about teamwork and collaboration, and have demonstrated skills of establishing engineering culture in a team environment.
  • Solid understanding of modern web technologies, including a mix of Front End and backend technologies and hands on experience in one of them.
  • Is comfortable discussing and asking questions about various front end technologies such as react/vue etc. with senior engineers. 
  • Good understanding of security best practices in a public/user facing system.
  • Passionate about team health and career development of engineers.
  • Previous experience of working on an user facing distributed system as an engineer is a plus.  
  • Comfortable working in a remote environment and managing remote teams.
  • Able to work in either GMT or Central European time zone.


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