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A little bit about who we are:

We're extremely transparent, We care deeply about your thoughts and feedback, We want you to thrive, We actualy live our values - funny enough, they spell out P.A.R.T.Y. (more on those later) and it almost goes without saying, we have fun - a lot of it.

You can see our vlog documenting our growth journey here:

And our Instagram account with "denim daddies", twins, and confetti celebrations:

But maybe most importantly, read actual reviews from past and current team members:

Culture is a big reason why people choose to work with us.

We're the type of company that loves putting people first, helping them get better, and make sure they're always set up for success.

Here's what were looking for:

1) Someone who has soft skills - you're fun, you're likable, and you’re also detail-oriented.

2) Someone who fits well with our Core Values:

You Push Yourself

You're Accountable

You're Resilient

You're Transparent

You Focus on Your Client (We focus on you)

3) Someone with at least 2 years of experience in the email portion of at least 3 different ESPs or CRMs

4) Someone with can-do ‘operators’ attitude with critical thinking skills. 

5) Someone with is well versed in html, css, css3

6) Someone who can whip together a word or two? Well written copy writing is extremely helpful.

7) Must have experience building email/SMS automations

8) Someone who understands the importance of email deliverability? While you don’t need to be a specialist, you need to understand the importance of coloring within the lines.

9) Some one with PhotoShop is a strong bonus as well as SQL fluency is a bonus, but largely not required.

Here's what you'll be doing:

You’ll be working directly with the head of email/CRM marketing to service various clients on email and SMS campaigns + automations, as well as light investigating of email deliverability issues.You’re never going to be left out to dry, or on an island by yourself, but self starters and organized operators are a huge bonus!


Don't forget about the PERKS!

  • Weekly catered lunches (TK Burger, Stone Oven Pizza [yum], Chipotle, Board n Brew, Luna Grill, Taco Guy and many more!)
  • Full kitchen with drinks and snacks of your choosing
  • Cold brew coffee/Kombucha on tap
  • Office games (ping pong, shuffle board, air hockey)
  • Work from home options 
  • 401K (5% match) + Benefits (Health, Vision, Dental and Life)
  • PTO
  • Milestone celebrations (check out our Trip to Hawaii on the vlog)
  • Gym memberships (Choose a gym you like and KB will foot the bill)
  • End of month on-site massages
  • Conference/education allowances
  • Tons of room for growth

Still Interested? Awesome! Here's what we promise you:

We have a lot of fun.

Our motivation is honestly not about making a lot of money, but building something we're proud of that helps thousands of people across the globe. Making good money is a great side effect.

We're a group of people who value friendship and relationships and want to pursue future business ideas together. We're a team that trusts each other and loves working together.

We're looking for an amazing person to be part of our squad so that we can join the local basketball league with 5 players, and dunk on people (we didn't do so well last season).

Sorta kidding about that last part, but we are looking for someone amazing (but seriously, if you can dunk, don't hesitate to mention that).

So if you've made it this far, then you should definitely apply right now.

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