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Have you ever wondered if there is a science behind your designs outside of color theory, font pairings, and proper use of white space? Maybe there is an action you want people to take when they see or interact with what you've created but aren’t sure how to achieve that goal?

What you are looking for is called Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO for short. YOU ARE IN LUCK! KlientBoost is one of the top agencies in the PPC Marketing space that specializes in CRO. We are really good at creating highly focused landing pages that not only look good on Dribble but also convert resulting in increased revenue for our clients!

If that sounds like something you are interested in learning or improving current knowledge in, we're looking for someone like you to join our amazing team and design conversion centered landing pages as well as other branded material for our ever-growing client list at KlientBoost!

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Role & Responsibility - What you will be doing:

Complete our KlientBoost Fundamentals Training Course that will go over everything you need to know to get started and be successful in CRO.

While being on-boarded and going through the training course you will also assist the current team of Designers in creating design assets for our clients.

Assets include but not limited to Landing Pages (desktop & mobile), animations for LP’s or ads using After Effects, image ad creation for various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing), etc.

Once you're ready to roll, we will start building up your own book of clients. You will be working alongside some great Account Managers to work out strategies for your clients.

You'll create amazing testable ideas, user experiences, and designs for a wide range of user, business, and marketing goals.

You'll use a variety of qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques to continuously improve the user experience and make critical design decisions.

You'll help to deliver improved results to client accounts using best practices learned in the Fundamentals Course as well as additional research for landing page testing

Job Qualifications:

You fit well with our Core Values - You (are):

  • Push Yourself
  • Fun
  • Accountable
  • Resilient
  • Transparent

You have a mind for excellent User Experience design, plus an interest in business strategy and analytical insight.

You have previous client-facing design experience. (Web Design, CRO, UI/UX, etc)

You have Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Knowledge - Not Required however it is a plus.

You have a firm understanding of User Experience (UX) & Design fundamentals.

You have solid communication skills - Being able to confidently communicate the reasons behind your creative decisions to team members or clients.

You have the ability to set and hit realistic deadlines for important client-facing tasks.

You're familiar with Sketch & The Adobe Creative Suite to build out creative assets.

You're a continuous learner - You like to keep up to date with trends and further your knowledge in the responsibilities you are given.

You have great Time Management skills - We all have room for improvement here (and KB can help!) however you have a good foothold of your time currently and manage it efficiently.

You're personable, fun, and have a healthy sense of humor. (The KlientBoost family is a fun social group of “professionals”!)

Company Perks:

Because we all know everyone works hard and brings their A-Game to work every day, KlientBoost likes to offer its employees a few cool perks to show our appreciation to what you bring to the company.

You will be able to enjoy the following:

  • Weekly Catered Lunches (Chipotle, Board n Brew, Luna Grill, Flame Broiler, Taco Guy (if you know then you know *winky emoji*)
  • Full kitchen with drinks and snacks of your choosing (yes, alcohol is a part of “drinks”)
  • Office Ping Pong
  • 2 Work-From-Home days a month
  • 401K + Benefits (Health, Vision, Dental)
  • Milestone Celebrations (Check out our Trip to Hawaii! - Vlog Link)
  • Gym Membership (Choose a Gym you like and KB will foot the bill!)

End of month on-site Massages

A little bit about who we are:

We're extremely transparent, We care deeply about your thoughts and feedback, We want you to thrive, We actualy live our values - funny enough, they spell out P.A.R.T.Y. (more on those later) and it almost goes without saying, we have fun - a lot of it.

You can see our vlog documenting our growth journey here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqgkCbycM1M&list=PLoxbVySuDr9J_Sx9kp9aqDJlRrATYVuWx

And our Instagram account with "denim daddies", twins, and confetti celebrations: https://www.instagram.com/klientboost/

But maybe most importantly, read actual reviews from past and current team members: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/KlientBoost-Reviews-E1572205.htm

Culture is a big reason why people choose to work with us.

We're the type of company that loves putting people first, helping them get better, and make sure they're always set up for success.


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