At Klaviyo we value the unique backgrounds, experiences and perspectives each Klaviyo (we call ourselves Klaviyos) brings to our workplace each and every day. We believe everyone deserves a fair shot at success and appreciate the experiences each person brings beyond the traditional job requirements. If you’re a close but not exact match with the description, we hope you’ll still consider applying.

The Product team at Klaviyo is continuously looking for ways to build and deliver the best product possible for our customers and we are looking for a Group Product Manager to support our Klaviyo Data Infrastructure pillar. Klaviyo’s differentiated value proposition is born from the way our platform supports a flexible and robust database layer on which we’ve built a high leverage marketing app that allows our customers to communicate more meaningfully with their audiences at scale. The foundation of this equation that allows our customers to sync and action all types of data generated by their business, is Klaviyo Data Infrastructure. You will work together with your partners in engineering to establish a vision for a group of products within this pillar and guide high impact product development from concept to launch.

How you’ll make a difference

  • Group Product Managers are outstanding leaders, managers, coaches, and mentors. As such, they positively impact the contributions and career trajectories of many Klaviyos. 
  • Group Product Managers are exceptional at articulating their thinking through the written word.  By being great and prolific communicators, they are force-multipliers at Klaviyo.
  • Group Product Managers lead by example. The rigor they apply to decision making is extreme, so we make the best decisions at all times.
  • But most important of all, Group Product Managers drive business outcomes, which in turn help our customers grow. 

What you’ll do

  • Lead, manage, coach, and mentor - you will be a leader within the company, you will be a manager to the people on your team, you will be a coach and mentor to other Klaviyos.
  • Collaborate and communicate - you will collaborate with all teams within the company and all parties outside of the company to be most effective in your role.
  • Set product vision - you will help define our vision for a reliable, stable, and easy-to-use platform. You will ensure projects with the largest impact get prioritized for your product areas, guiding PMs as they work towards a greater vision. 
  • Learn - you will be a voracious learner. A lack of experience/knowledge around a challenge is an invitation to dive deep and become an expert in that area. You should love learning and tackling new challenges.

Your First 90 Days

In your first 30 days:

  • Immerse yourself in an onboarding program that introduces you to the company and the product.
  • Spend time in Support, helping customers work through issues. There’s no better way to learn the product and to get to know our customers.
  • Observe our Sales and Success teams in action.
  • Be introduced to everyone you need to know to be successful in your role.

In your first 60 days:

  • Start managing the Product Managers on your team.
  • Critically evaluate how we work, and identify ways to improve your team’s impact and efficiency.

In your first 90 days:

  • Take the ways we can improve that you identify, and start implementing them.
  • Lead the evolution of the strategy and roadmap for your product areas. 
  • Start contributing to knowledge sharing with the larger product team. We value learning and growth very highly.

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Klaviyo is a world-leading marketing automation platform dedicated to accelerating revenue and customer connection for online businesses. Klaviyo makes it easy to store, access, analyze and use transactional and behavioral data to power highly-targeted customer and prospect communications. The company's hybrid customer-data and marketing-platform model allows companies to grow by fostering direct relationships with customers, without giving up their valuable data to popular big-tech ad platforms. Over 265,000 innovative companies like Unilever, Custom Ink, Living Proof and Huckberry sell more with Klaviyo. Learn more at

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