Klara is growing at a rapid pace and continuing to cement its stature as the leader in revolutionizing communication for everyone involved in a patient‘s journey. Supporting revenue targets each quarter, our Business Development Manager will play a critical role in sustaining our explosive growth. You will define and execute strategic initiatives and drive business results by enhancing sales development systems, campaign performance, and operational efficiency. You will work cross-functionally with marketing, operations, and sales to define and launch new programs and provide strategic recommendations to drive Klara’s continued growth.



● Manage a team of BDRs, conducting 1:1s to uncover blockers, providing support where needed, identifying areas for personal growth and coaching.

● Listen to live calls daily ensuring BDRs are sticking to the script, staying heavy on the phones, and working their accounts to the expectations of the Klara revenue team.

● Lead morning Gong call reviews weekly to provide feedback on why calls went well and how we can iterate as a team, or why calls went poorly and what we can avoid.

● Lead morning trainings on product market fit, features, and market intelligence.

● Enable the team to navigate blockers on software tools like outreach.io, or salesforce.com. Reach out to marketing operations for support whenever necessary.

● Create friendly incentivized competitions, team events, and culture building practices that energize the team towards their goals. ● Align with sales on ways BDRs can improve to better serve their needs.

● Take special interest in BDRs that are falling behind, and develop performance plans to enable them to get back on track while giving them the tools they need to get there.

● Deep dive into activity reporting to find insights on team performance, use this to find and implement new ways we can improve on sequences, targeting, and pitch.

● Constantly manage a hiring pipeline to ensure the team is always fully staffed for targets.


About Klara

The future of healthcare will be very positively transformed by technology making care patient-centric where information can be accessed and shared easily and securely. At Klara, we believe healthcare is a service that fundamentally relies on communication with and around the patient. Klara was founded in 2013 with the mission to change the broken healthcare experience by directly connecting doctors and patients through technology. Elements like procedures or surgeries might be constants, but anything around them including most forms of treatment is communication. And that’s what‘s broken. Healthcare communication is disconnected, siloed, antiquated and highly inefficient.

Our mission is to revolutionize communication for everyone involved in a patient‘s journey. Klara offers an entrepreneurial environment where personal growth and interesting challenges are part of your regular day. You can tackle those opportunities independently while also taking responsibility for individual projects on your team. We trust in the power of talent and value commitment. Together, we want to change how patients and doctors communicate. The best way to do this is with a strong international team that is dedicated to improving healthcare and how it is delivered globally.

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