The Kinetic team is on a mission to create a safer workplace and better life for the frontline workforce around the world. We are re-defining workers comp by focusing on three main pillars: injury prediction, prevention, and management. Kinetic develops technology-driven solutions in each of these areas to create best-in-class outcomes for our policyholders. 

Kinetic’s first product is a smart wearable device that monitors kinematic motion of an employee, and helps provide coaching on high-risk ergonomic motions such as bending, twisting, and jumping. It has proven to be incredibly effective at reducing frequency and severity of strain and sprain injuries by over 55%. 

Since then, we have expanded into developing tools such as a rapid-return-to-work process, computer vision for safety in the workplace, and generative AI for claims management. This is an exciting opportunity to work at a company fusing technology with industry leading services to create happier, healthier employees.

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