Are you a student looking for an internship or a coop placement? You've come to the right place!

Hiring Process 

  • Applications can be submitted via this page or directly through your school's coop portal (if applicable). If you are applying for the immediate work term coming up and have access to the same jobs through your coop portal, it is advantageous that you apply through your school.
  • When you apply through this page, you will receive a notice of confirmation that your application has been received.  Due to a high volume of applications, only candidates moving forward to the interview stage will be contacted.
  • Depending on the timing of your application, when you can expect to be contacted for an interview will vary.  Typically interviews are conducted 3-4 months in advance of the start dates. For example:
    • In January/February interviews are conducted for a May start date
    • May/June interviews are conducted for a September start date
    • September/October interviews are conducted for a January start date
  • Coop and internship interviews typically consist of one 30-minute face-to-face or web-based interview.
  • If you have participated in an interview with Kinaxis outside of a rank and match process coordinated by your school, you can expect to hear back from us regarding the outcome within 2 weeks of the interview. If your interview was arranged through your school, please check your coop portal for timelines and interview outcomes.
  • Once an offer has been made, candidates typically have 48 hours to respond before the offer expires.

Team Descriptions


Client Technology: We deliver everything from the user interface down to the application server, stopping just short of the database. In the lower layers, we focus on continual reach for new levels of scalability, performance, robustness and security. 

Tech Stack: React, Redux, RXJS,Typescript, TestCafe, Jest and Webpack, JavaScript and C#.

Platform:  The focus of the team is to provide scalable and performant APIs, web services, and scripting interfaces. We are responsible for core components that make up the bedrock of the RapidResponse applications and services.

Tech Stack: ASP.NET MVC, C#, Java


  • Co-Op or Intern Developer, Clients, Front End Technologies (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Co-Op or Intern Developer, Platform, Front End Technologies (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Co-Op or Intern Test Developer, Front End Technologies (Ottawa, Canada)


Database: We put the "rapid" in Kinaxis RapidResponse. Our proprietary in-memory database provides unique capabilities and high performance. These are exciting times for us as we re-architect our database to be distributed to support ever-increasing data and users.

Tech Stack: C++ (version 11/14) using MS Visual Studio, JIRA/Confluence and Git.

Integration: Our motto is: "You can have data without information but you cannot have information without data." - Daniel Keys Moran

We use cutting-edge technologies, including stream processing, containers, and microservices, to deliver the data that powers RapidResponse. We've partnered with Talend, an industry leader in big data integration, to bring new and exciting services to our customers.

Tech Stack: Webservices (SOAP and REST), Microservices, Kafka, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Maven, Jenkins, ETL tools (e.g. Talend), Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket


  • Co-Op or Intern Developer, Integration Tech, Back End Technologies (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Co-Op or Intern Developer, Data Server, Back End Technologies (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Co-Op or Intern Test Developer, Data Server, Back End Technologies (Ottawa, Canada)


In seconds, rather than days, we analyze data for the most complex supply chains imaginable and we develop algorithms that move the global economy.

Tech Stack: C++, C#, R, MS Visual Studio, Intel VTune


  • Co-Op or Intern Developer, Algorithms, Business Applications (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Co-Op or Intern Test Developer, Algorithms, Business Applications (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Co-Op or Intern Developer, Visualization, Business Applications (Ottawa, Canada)


We train and deploy machine learning models (ML) to get surface actionable insights from multiple data sources affecting the supply chain. We develop scalable cloud-native containerized micro-services using:

Python, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Pandas and ML libraries such as scikit-learn, NumPy, SciPy, Keras and TensorFlow


  • Co-Op or Intern Developer, Machine Learning (Ottawa, Canada)


Our team develops tools and frameworks that automate the process of building, testing, deploying, and monitoring RapidResponse solutions. We work with distributed systems that run on clusters of machines. We connect R&D, IT and support teams to drive greater efficiency, working with a wide range of technologies.

Tech Stack: Jenkins, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Elastic, Groovy, PowerShell, .NET/C#, ASP.NET/MVC, SQL Server.


  • Co-Op or Intern Developer, DevOps (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Co-Op or Intern Developer, Product Verification DevOps (Ottawa, Canada)


We analyze user interactions to understand points of friction and then we use what we uncover to find solutions. We apply the science and best practices of everything from perception and cognition to dashboard design and gamification to craft modern, innovating, and ultimately engaging user experiences that simplify our customers' complex business problems.


  • Co-Op or Intern Designer, User Experience (Ottawa, Canada)


We optimize, digitize and modernize Kinaxis business processes using business acumen and technical skills. We work across departments at Kinaxis and find and/or develop the right technology solutions to solve business problems and support those solutions.

Technology Platforms Used: Salesforce, Office 365, Atlassian suite, NetSuite and many others

Application Development Environment:  Apex, C#, JavaScript, MS SQL, and other scripting languages


  • Co-Op or Intern Developer, Enterprise Business Systems (Ottawa, Canada)


The Global Customer Care team is dedicated to the success of our customers. We fundamentally live the Kinaxis Customer Excellence Philosophy: That every employee plays a role in delivering a positive customer experience at every stage of a customer's journey with us. We understand their most pressing business and performance needs and are committed to helping our customers solve complex challenges in the distributed value chain. From our frontline Support Analysts, to our experts  in the Center of Excellence, we have the opportunity to work directly with our largest and most strategic enterprise customers to anticipate, identify and address their needs, and ultimately partner in their success.


  • Co-Op or Intern Performance Analyst, Center of Excellence (Ottawa, Canada)


We secure RapidResponse SaaS and all business services used by Kinaxis employees. We protect highly confidential information for some of the world's largest organizations.

Industry-leading tools and services used: Elastic SIEM, Qualys Vulnerability and Web Application Scanning, McAfee EPO, Cisco ASA & Umbrella, Okta MFA, Office 365 Cloud App, and Sectigo PKI.

Industry frameworks and organizations we must be familiar with or part of are: AICPA - SOC 2, ISC², SANS, NIST, CIS, OWASP, SSAE18 SOC1, and ISO27001/27007


  •  Information Security Analyst Co-Op or Intern (Ottawa, Canada)


The SaaS team is responsible for the architecture, design, management and delivery of Kinaxis' SaaS offering to our customers. The SaaS team covers from our state-of-the art datacenter infrastructure to our SaaS platform. Our service is comprised of best-of-breed technologies, advanced cloud solution orchestration tools and enterprise class infrastructure. With a global team and facilities around the world, we make sure our customers can rely on our solution 24/7/366. Technologies used: 

  • Programming and Scripting languages: Java, Bash, Perl, PowerShell, Python, Ruby
  • System configuration management and deployment solutions: Puppet, Chef, Chocolatey
  • Containers technologies: Docker, Kubernetes
  • Networking: Cisco, F5
  • Storage: Hitachi Ventara, NetApp, S3
  • Operating Systems for x86 systems: Linux and Microsoft Windows


  • Co-Op or Intern Application Administrator, SaaS (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Co-Op or Intern Infrastructure Administrator, SaaS (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Co-Op or Intern Performance Analyst, SaaS (Ottawa, Canada)


Team Description Coming Soon


  • Corporate IT Support Co-Op or Intern (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Corporate IT Data Co-Op or Intern (Ottawa, Canada)


The Kinaxis Consulting team engages with Fortune 500 customers on supply chain planning projects from ideation phase to solution configuration, testing and go-live to realize significant business results.  We are empowered to take charge, assume risks and make things happen! The team participates in deep-dive customer business requirements discovery sessions to develop required specifications documentation. We support data management, data integration, validation and testing of the solution and capture user feedback to ensure that customer requirements are met. Must have an understanding of statistical forecasting, inventory management, MRP, scheduling, etc.

Technologies used:  Kinaxis® RapidResponse®, SQL, R, JavaScript, Python


  • Associate Solution Consultant Co-Op or Intern (Dallas, USA)


The Sales Operations team works to collect and manage data so that they can be used to analyze business functions, productivity and redundancies.  By coordinating and monitoring the maintenance, integrity and security of several databases, we can ensure that ethical standards are met.  Students will assist with prospecting materials, database management, sourcing new contacts and data research for target accounts.

Programs used: Photoshop, InDesign, SFDC, NetProspex, Hoovers, ZoomInfo, LinkedIn


  • Sales Operations Coordinator Co-Op or Intern (Ottawa, Canada)


The Marketing team is a global and fast-paced team that tackles cross-functional tasks amongst various marketing functions and initiatives. Students will support content marketing, research marketing best-practices and competitors, track program performance, manage and cleanse lead lists, source new contacts, and assist with project intake.

Programs used: Salesforce Community, Eloqua, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Instagram, LinkedIn


  • Marketing Co-Op or Intern (Ottawa, Canada)


In the Office of Strategy we look at our longer-term plans for how to impact supply chain, how thought leadership can address these issues, and how academic outreach can help prepare for the supply chain of the future. Our work involves everything from evaluating future opportunities to strengthen the advanced analytics in our offerings (e.g. machine learning, mathematical optimization, simulation), deepening our understanding of the trends driving supply chain (sustainability, IoT, digital twins, trade and tariffs, AI/ML, automation, hyperpersonalization, 3D printing, etc.), and partnering with universities who are doing leading work in these areas.


  • Strategy Co-Op or Intern (Ottawa, Canada)


Working within the Office of Strategy, the Communications team has a passion for writing, storytelling and all things digital media.  From corporate messaging, speechwriting, editorial plans, town hall webcasts and social media, we apply 'what if' thinking to a range of programs and platforms through both internal and external communications. We are passionate about learning, curious about everything and always enjoy researching new topics!


  • Communications Co-Op or Intern (Ottawa, Canada)


As a member of our dynamic team, you will have the autonomy and opportunity to collaborate with a positive, encouraging and supportive group of HR professionals. The HR Core team supports the business needs of a growing and global workforce. Students within the team can support the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) - SuccessFactors, employee file management, onboarding, benefits, global mobility, and more!


  • Human Resources Coordinator Co-Op or Intern (Ottawa, Canada)


Team Description Coming Soon


  • Finance Co-Op or Intern (Ottawa, Canada)


Thank you for your interest in a work term with Kinaxis. We have filled all of our roles with September start dates.

If you previously saw a position listed here and it is no longer visible, the position has been filled for the Fall 2020 term.

If you have availability for upcoming work terms in Winter 2021 or beyond, please don't hesitate to apply now and indicate your team of interest and future availability in your application.


Q: What is the difference between a coop student and an intern?

A: Coops are students who are formally registered in a co-operative education program at a post-secondary institution and earn credits from their work term in order to satisfy their degree or diploma requirements.  Interns may be current students or recent graduates who are completing a work term that may not be necessary to fulfill any academic requirements.


Q: If I'm not a student, can I still apply to the coop/intern jobs?

A: If you have graduated within the last 6 months from a relevant program related to the job you are interested in, you are welcome to apply and would be considered an intern.


Q: How should I apply for coops/internships at Kinaxis?

A: If you are a registered coop student at one of our partner schools, please apply directly through your school's coop portal following the directions and timelines given there. If you are not a coop student or if Kinaxis does not post its coop jobs to your school's portal, please use the application feature below on this page to apply.


Q. When should I apply for a coop/internship at Kinaxis?

A. We typically start the recruitment process for our student jobs 4 months before a term start date (e.g. in January we are hiring for the May-August term).  However, students are encouraged to apply even earlier - up to a year in advance - by applying below and indicating your future planned work terms.


Q. How long are the work terms for coops/internships?

A. Work term length is position specific. Kinaxis offers 4, 8 and 12 month work terms.


Q. What time of year does Kinaxis offer its coops/internships?

A. Kinaxis offers its coop work terms and internships all year round in the Winter (January-April), Summer (May-August) and Fall (September-December) terms.


Q. Where are your coop placements/internships located?

A. The vast majority of our coops/interns work out of our headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Professional Services interns are based in Dallas, Texas, USA. 


Q. What schools do you post your coop/internship jobs to?

A. In Canada, Kinaxis typically posts its development and corporate services positions to Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, Algonquin College, the University of Waterloo, McGill University, Concordia University, Queens University, and the University of Toronto. In the USA for our Professional Services internships, we typically post to the Georgia Institute of Technology, Texas A&M University, the University of Texas at Arlington, and the University of Texas at Dallas.


Q. Does Kinaxis only hire students at specific schools?

A: While Kinaxis does have strong and ongoing relationships with certain schools, we accept applications from students regardless of where they study.  As long as you are studying a relevant program to the job at hand and meet the minimum requirements, your application will be considered.


Q. How do I know what coop/internship jobs are available?

A. If you are a registered coop student at one of our partner schools, please visit your school's coop portal for a complete listing of jobs available for the upcoming term and apply directly there. Otherwise, please refer to the bottom of this page for the available jobs for the upcoming work term.


Q. I attend one of your partner schools.  How come I can't see your coop/internship job posted to my school's coop portal?

A. While we do have relationships at certain schools and regularly post our jobs to those coop portals, we do not post 100% of our jobs to every partner school for every work term. If you are interested in a team listed below but aren't seeing the job listed on your school's coop portal, it may be because the job is not available for the upcoming work term or it may be that a hiring manager chose not to post their job to your school. You can always apply through the application feature below if you do not see a job listed to your school's coop portal.


Q. Are you still hiring coops/interns during the Covid-19 pandemic?

A. Yes. In recent months, the Government of Ontario, where Kinaxis is headquartered (Ottawa, ON), ordered the closure of many non-essential business workplaces. However, even non-essential businesses are still permitted to continue to operate remotely.  We can confirm to you that as a supply chain company, Kinaxis is considered an essential business in Ontario and we are continuing to operate. All staff, including coops/interns, are all working remotely and we are in the fortunate position to be able to continue doing this productively.  While these are challenging times, we should remain encouraged and motivated by the fact that our product, knowledge and services are considered essential in times like this. In fact many of our customers, specifically in life sciences and consumer goods, are working hard to find a solution to the crisis and using our product to keep people supplied with essential goods.  If by the start of the Fall 2020 term, our work-from home mandate continues, students should rest assured that we are able to support them 100% remotely. 


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