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Khan Lab School is an independent school associated with Khan Academy. We believe that young people are capable of far more than society currently recognizes, and we assess learning experiences to share with the world beyond KLS. As a matter of equity, we ensure that our students have a strong content foundation, and we also support their social-emotional health and growth in executive function skills. Many of the core principles and ideas developed in our school are outlined in Sal Khan’s book, The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined.

We currently serve over 170 students ages 5-16+ in Mountain View, California. In keeping with Sal Khan’s One World Schoolhouse philosophy, we provide an extended-year, extended-day, mixed-age program that incorporates project-based learning. Recognizing that competency, ownership and relationship are the keys to success in learning, our academic experience is coordinated by a dedicated team of teachers who serve as advisors and content specialists, and who guide students through gradually increasing levels of autonomy.

Our teaching philosophy encourages meaningful inquiry and interdisciplinary work, and we utilize blended learning to meet the needs of each student. Thanks to our association with Khan Academy, we are leveraging the power of technology to help personalize the classroom, while always acknowledging that the relationship between student and teacher is paramount.

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