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We’re looking for designers and illustrators interested in applying their skills 🧠🎨 in service of a more just and equitable world ✊. 

At Khan Academy, our mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere 🌍🌏🌎. We approach it with a spirit of humility and thoughtfulness about how technology is best positioned to help. 

Khan Academy is a not-for-profit, and our funders care just as much as we do about our positive impact, efficacy, and leveling the playing field in education.

What we’re looking for

As Senior Illustrator, you will work primarily with the design team that supports our Brand and visual language efforts to evolve and define  Khan Academy’s approach to illustration, animation and visual design systems.  As a member of our close-knit design team, you’ll overlap with user research, product design, and brand design. You’ll also collaborate meaningfully with teammates from other functions, like PM, engineering, customer support, business development, philanthropy, learning content, and marketing.

What you’ll do

  • Work with teams across the organization to craft high quality, meaningful, engaging illustrations, illustration systems, and experiences.
  • Collaborate with other designers, brand thinkers, and storytellers to help us evolve our visual language, the way we think about illustration, and its relationship to the company’s mission.
  • Offering strategic guidance on how to incorporate and think about illustration in a variety of settings, experiences and contexts.
  • Be willing and capable of providing feedback, and be comfortable as needed  providing art-direction to internal and external illustrators & designers.
  • Educate and advocate for illustration and design cohesiveness across brand, marketing, product, and  content
  • Regularly identify and evangelize for injecting moments of joy into our communications, culture and product.
  • Create illustration style guides and document best practices
  • Evaluate our current platform and communications surface area and identify opportunities to improve user experiences, meet strategic goals, and boost learning mindset 
  • Facilitate workshops and conversations that help product teams think about, use, and request illustrations
  • Move between creating rough sketches to high-quality drawings to communicate your solutions. Use user research and data to inform your style and reasoning.
  • Present to and incorporate feedback from stakeholders from Product Design, Engineering, Product, and Brand, seeking approval at all stages of development.

A good candidate must have

  • 5+ years experience as an illustrator or comparable experience
  • Solid understanding of best practices and creating a lightweight, highly collaborative processes
  • Ability to balance individual illustration work with strategic thinking, defining and rolling out visual systems.
  • A rich and diverse portfolio showing evidence of different styles, visual maturity, and attention to nuance. 
  • Ability to work with a low-ego, highly collaborative, cross-functional team.
  • A deep curiosity about how and why people learn - and how they respond to visual and emotional cues
  • High comfort level in working within a self-directed culture and navigating ambiguity

An ideal candidate would have

  • Experience with accessibility and designing for a very wide array of audiences, including school-age children, teenagers, and young adults
  • Experience crafting illustrations for digital products and understanding various platforms (iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile Web etc) and product design needs.
  • Highly proficient with current visual tools with knowledge of how to hand off assets for production (and sometimes collaborate directly with engineers to arrive at solutions together).
  • A demonstrated awareness and care for how representation and pairing with copy can lead to inclusion or exclusion of different audiences
  • Excellent presentation, communication and documentation skills.

We may be a non-profit, but we reward our talented team well!

  • Competitive salaries and annual bonuses
  • Ample paid time off as needed
  • A high-calibre team that believes in the importance of having a great day-to-day experience
  • Catered lunch daily plus tons of snacks and beverages
  • Walking distance to Caltrain and downtown Mountain View, flexibility to work from other locations
  • The opportunity to work on software and programs that are already impacting the future of learning
  • The ability to improve real lives and put your talents toward a deeply meaningful mission 
  • The opportunity to even the playing field in education and serve an underserved space
  • Oh, and we offer all those other typical benefits as well: 401(k) + 4% matching & comprehensive insurance including medical, dental, vision, and life
  • Remote friendly workplace culture, where folks actually notice if you unmute to say something!

Why Khan Academy?

The Lead Illustrator / Designer  role at Khan Academy is an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants a straight shot at applying their skills in service of a more just and equitable world. Our brand and products are truly making a difference in the way that millions of students experience and perceive learning – not only as individuals using devices, but as ecosystems of communities with teachers, parents and districts, and as collective social experiences in the classroom. 

Khan Academy is a not-for-profit, and our funders care just as much as we do about our positive impact, efficacy, and leveling the playing field in education. At the same time, we pay competitively because we believe that the work should be rewarded according to its value, and the opportunity to take this job should be open to everyone who is qualified.

Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. We approach it with a spirit of humility and thoughtful consideration about where technology is best positioned to help. 

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Why design at Khan Academy?

How to apply

Attach your resume and provide a link to your portfolio below.

Address the following prompt in the space provided below: At Khan Academy, we believe that reaching all learners requires a team that is diverse in every respect, and we are looking for individuals who will help us fulfill our mission by adding to the diversity and inclusivity of our team's experiences, perspectives, and mindsets. With that in mind, tell us briefly how your experiences and perspectives— whether personal, professional, academic, or otherwise— could contribute to the diversity of our team.


We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, or Veteran status.

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