School Implementation Ecosystem Manager 

at Khan Academy

Delhi or Bangalore, India

Khan Academy is a fast-paced, nonprofit startup on a mission to provide free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. We already reach millions of students every month and are growing rapidly.  While lakhs of self-directed students across India use our online learning resources of their own volition in any given month, our schools' team is particularly focused on the thousands of teachers who implement our resources in school settings in a more disciplined fashion.

For our school team, we are looking for an entrepreneurial individual who can help us create and deploy a partnership program that creates an implementation partner ecosystem. Such an ecosystem helps Khan Academy scale up its nationwide reach and impact and fulfill the overwhelming demand for our services with little proportionate increase in our own headcount and costs. 

This will principally mean crafting programs to help Khan Academy partners to successfully plug our learning resources into existing education systems, ensuring high fidelity use of those learning resources in classroom settings on a massive scale, and nimbly acting on data that measures the eventual success of these partners. 

This position is core to Khan Academy's growth in India, and your work will be pivotal to our success as an organization. What's more, Khan Academy organisations in several other geographies globally would love to emulate any successful models you create for India to scale up their reach to the students in their geographies.

So, if impact is your thing - Impact on the way millions of kids worldwide are experiencing a school education and the way teachers use student data instead of gut instinct to craft their teaching - come talk to us. 


  • Craft an implementation partnership program and manage relationships with those partners
  • Create a partner delivered training and credentialing program to mass-educate enablers like teachers, principals and school IT managers on implementing Khan Academy in their classrooms.
  • Manage relationships with diverse stakeholders in large national and state level public school systems
  • Program manage a part or all of related vital initiatives (such as a CRM system deployment, high profile events, national campaigns)
  • Liaise internally as necessary on behalf of  Khan Academy India with our many teams in other countries
  • Manage experimental/ entrepreneurial initiatives to improve the experience of users on Khan Academy
  • 30-50%  travel estimated (seasonal)


  • A Bachelors or post-graduate degree
  • 8+ years or more experience, especially in formal/informal K12 school education, either working in schools, non-profits, ed-tech firms or in the tutoring industry. Experience forging partnership ecosystems from scratch (even if you did this outside the education space) would be a huge plus.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset, including a high tolerance for ambiguity, a penchant for experimentation, equally at ease working alone or in a team, and a bias toward action, whether based on data or strong gut instinct. Some startup experience would be a big plus.
  • You’re a problem solver by nature; you’re comfortable finding implementable solutions and moving quickly in a fast-paced process
  • Outstanding communication skills. Ability to communicate concisely and persuasively in multiple formats, including email, written documents, digital presentations, and verbal conversations.
  • Highly analytical with strong problem-solving skills. Comfortable & skilled at working with large volumes of data, identifying trends, and drawing evidence-based conclusions. Equally comfortable analyzing qualitative customer insights and adjusting partnership plans and product feedback accordingly.
  • Systems thinking. Ability to analyse and understand schools as complex systems and to apply that same type of systems thinking to our own partnerships team as we seek to continuously improve the way we operate.
  • Exceptional project management & organisational skills with strong attention to detail.
  • You’re invigorated by the possibility of helping provide free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere


  • Attach your resume below
  • Instead of a cover letter, please answer the following prompt in the space provided below, in under 400 words. We prize brevity, so please try to be as specific as possible :)
    • You’re responsible for charting a course for Khan Academy to grow through great channel and implementation partnerships. Partners are an extension of the Khan Academy schools team and would help us recruit and train schools and roll out Khan Academy tools in their classrooms nationwide.
      Based on your knowledge and experience of the Indian education landscape, please help us visualize what you would do in this position to help Khan Academy grow. HERE ARE A FEW SPECIFICS THAT YOU SHOULD THEREFORE COVER IN YOUR (400 WORDS OR LESS - PREFERABLY LESS) WRITE-UP.
    • Who? 
      • What are the attributes of a good
        •  business development/channel partner and
        • implementation partner?
      • What kind of schools/school organisations would engage partners to implement Khan Academy versus doing it themselves?
      • Can you name a good example of a partner we should engage with and work with?     
    • Where? 
      • What would be a good way to gain geographic coverage through partners - Should we work with multiple regional players or one national player?
      • Where should they be located and what would be their territory? Should we grant exclusivity while distributing territory?   
    • What?  
      • On top of the free Khan Academy platform (that will always continue to be free), what value-added services could these partners offer these schools? (Tailored on-site training? Day 0 and day 1 implementation handholding? Data analytics? Crafting efficacy measures? Ensuring ongoing in-class best practices through classroom observations?)  
    • How?
      • How will Khan Academy attract the right kind of partners and retain them? 
      • What would that relationship look like (i.e. What would we contractually give them and get from them in return)?
      • How would we measure the success of each partner type?
      • How would we shape the relationship framework to incentivize partners to do more?

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