Kava Labs is hiring a full-time Business Development role for Kava’s DeFi lending platform. As a member of the Business Development Asia team you will be responsible for establishing and managing growth and partnerships. More specifically, this role will be tasked with growing high value accounts on Kava and expanding the reach and impact of Kava’s content and communications over traditional finance media, crypto/blockchain media and influencers, and industry events. This position will be based in Asia.

We are looking for your experience and perspective to contribute to our growing company and culture! We are a 100% distributed workforce with teams in the US, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. You will work alongside a team of world class crypto experts on an open-source project that transfers millions of dollars in assets daily, providing the financial primitives for the next evolution in crypto.

What You Will Do.

  • Grow Kava Assets Under Management (AUM): You will be directly responsible for sourcing and delivering high-value clients to onboard their assets onto Kava. These clients will be in the form of crypto hedge funds, family offices, high net worth individuals, and other related clientele.
  • Grow Kava Partnerships in Asia: Build and bring with you strong 1:1 relationships with key crypto business, opinion leaders, and other influencers of the crypto industry to WIN deals with Kava.
  • Elevate Kava to the #1 DeFi project in Asia: In conferences and other presentation venues make Asia understand that Kava is unique and the premier DeFi project for Asian users.

Who You Are.

  • Fluent in Mandarin (required)
  • Fluent in English (required)
  • 3+ years of full-time experience in a meaningful role in an influential crypto organization
  • A passionate crypto enthusiast and trader that deeply understands the motives of crypto users and traders
  • Familiar with the emerging DeFi landscape and what differentiates projects from one another
  • An active social media user including Telegram, Twitter, Wechat, Reddit, and other platforms where crypto users live

What We Offer.

💰 Competitive salary

🛡️ China Insurance

🎁 Year-end bonus

🤫 KAVA tokens

🏝  Flexible vacation policy - work with your manager to take time off when you need it

🤩 The chance to work in a fast-growing blockchain and DeFi company with experienced industry leaders

About Kava.

Kava is a decentralized financial services platform. Kava's principal product is a DeFi lending platform for cryptocurrencies.

With backing from leading blockchain investors including Ripple, Digital Asset Fund, and Arrington XRP Capital, we’re constantly pushing the bounds of DeFi and blockchain technology to bring new products and innovation to the world.


Chinese Version:

Kava 亚洲市场 BD 招聘 JD

Kava Labs正在为Kava的DeFi借贷平台招聘一个全职的BD职位。作为亚洲业务拓展团队的一员,你将负责建立、管理并增长合作伙伴关系。更具体地说,这个角色将负责在Kava平台上发展高净值的客户,并扩大Kava在传统金融媒体、加密/区块链媒体和KOL以及行业活动上的覆盖面和影响力。


  • 增长Kava平台的总抵押资产(AUM):你将直接负责寻找和发掘高净值客户,为Kava平台的锁定资产总量做出贡献。这些客户可以是加密对冲基金、家族企业、高净值个人等其他相关客户。
  • 拓展Kava的亚洲合作伙伴关系:与关键的加密业务、意见领袖以及其他加密行业的影响者建立强大的一对一关系,为Kava发展获取更多机遇。
  • 将Kava提升为亚洲第一的DeFi项目:在线下活动等公众场所,让亚洲用户了解Kava是独一无二的,是亚洲用户的首选的DeFi项目。


  • 3年以上的区块链全职经验,曾在行业有影响力的公司/机构中担任重要角色;
  • 热情的加密爱好者和交易者,对加密用户和交易者的心理拥有深刻见解;
  • 熟悉新兴的DeFi环境,以及项目之间的区别;
  • 活跃的社交媒体用户,包括Telegram、Twitter、Wechat、Reddit等其他加密社交平台。





🤫KAVA 代币





在Ripple、Digital Asset Fund、Arrington XRP Capital等领先的区块链投资人的支持下,我们不断推动DeFi和区块链技术的发展,为世界带来新的产品和创新。



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