Karuna Health

At Karuna Health, we give every patient a guide in the healthcare system. Personal care integrates naturally into every aspect of our organization. We are building a mission-focused, inclusive, and motivated team to scale a quality patient experience.
Karuna’s web app allows vulnerable, high-risk patients to build a stronger relationship with their care teams on the same messaging platforms they use with their friends and family. We build automation tools to help increase the volume and quality of interactions, measure care team performance, and eliminate back-office annoyances. All of this requires building a set of rock-solid infrastructure and APIs, and scaling it to hundreds of thousands of patients.
We focus on care management, a niche part of the healthcare ecosystem serving the most vulnerable and sickest members of our communities. Karuna engineers aim to enable healthcare organizations to build deeper, more impactful relationships with every patient, expanding the scope and accessibility of their services for all.

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