Jump Crypto is committed to building and standing up critical infrastructure needed to catalyze the growth of the crypto ecosystem. We're builders, partners, and traders who take a long-term view of crypto's prospects and operate to unlock the full potential of open, community-driven networks. Since our inception as a skunkworks intern project in late 2015, we've grown into a dynamic and seasoned team of high performing players across a range of functions. Today, we play an important role in the development of some of the largest and most innovative crypto communities.

Jump Crypto is the crypto division of Jump Trading Group, a research driven quantitative trading firm that's one of the largest traders by volume across traditional asset classes.  For more on our history, culture and the road ahead read our blog here.

To learn more, please visit us at www.jumpcrypto.com and follow us at @JumpCryptoHQ.

As a Research Analyst at Jump Crypto, you will partner with our president and other researchers to inform our strategic efforts. You will look for macro trends, advise our engineers or partners, produce valuable research reports, and make recommendations to our business development team. You’ll combine deep knowledge of the crypto industry with a broad understanding of computer science, distributed systems, consensus algorithms, networking, game theory or other disciplines relevant to blockchain technology to help identify, vet, and propose new business initiatives.

What you’ll do:

  • Monitor the broader crypto landscape and identify new opportunities.
  • Guide our strategy by aggregating information from industry trends, git repos, research reports, white papers, industry relationships, and Jump Crypto’s own data.
  • Ponder user pain points and identify missing legos or functionalities that will help the crypto ecosystem grow.
  • Identify early-stage opportunities for our investment, engineering, market making, and trading operations.
  • Collaborate with Jump Crypto’s partners on their strategy, tokenomics models, new features, and code.
  • Other duties as assigned or needed

Skills you'll need:

  • Passionate about the crypto industry and eagerly following the fast-evolving landscape.
  • Well versed in at least one discipline of blockchain development. Some examples: smart contracts, cryptography, crypto-economics, networking, consensus algorithms, distributed systems.
  • An excellent writer and speaker, able to effectively convey technical concepts clearly to the appropriate audience.
  • Able to balance open-ended, blue-sky research with specific advice.
  • Reliable and predictable availability 

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