We are the biggest NFT Marketplace on the Cardano blockchain, forever expanding our team to include talented individuals from around the world. We truly believe diversity and inclusivity go hand in hand with the decentralized ethos of Cardano and aim to keep it as a key driver in our colleagues and partners.

Currently, we are looking for the next killer dev to join our team and help us do what we do; better! We are a fun and compassionate organization to work with and if you think the given responsibilities are something you can pick up; apply now!

✔️ Responsibilities:

  1. Write scalable, tidy and comprehensible code.
  2. Collaborate with our designers to craft up silky smooth user interfaces and experiences.
  3. Troubleshoot user issues while coordinating with our all-star support team.
  4. Contribute your own ideas! We give each of our teammates full autonomy to improve our marketplace in whichever ways they think are best.

✒️ Requirements:

  1. Passionate about Cardano and an overwhelming desire to push the entire ecosystem forwards.
  2. Extensive experience working with React.js and frontend technologies.
  3. Knowledge about version control and overall code delivery.

🔥 Nice-to-haves:

  1. Next.js, NestJS, SCSS, PostgreSQL. If you’ve worked with any of these before that’s a huge plus!
  2. Experience working with Cardano specific technologies such as blockfrost, cardano-serialization-lib and smart contracts.
  3. Experience working with Google Cloud services.

🤝 Team Requirements:

  1. Confident in communicating in English.
  2. Ability to critique our marketplace and convert it into actionable tasks to improve the product.
  3. Self-driven and motivated.

✨ Perks:

  1. Higher end of salary band.
  2. Flexible working hours.
  3. Fully remote work.
  4. Budget for home office upgrades so you can get that ergonomic chair you’ve always wanted.
  5. Monthly wellness reimbursement for gyms, outdoor activities, therapists, massages, etc.

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