Daylight is…

Quick Facts:

  • The First and only digital banking platform in the U.S. specifically designed for the LGBT+ community by the LGBT+ community.
  • Backed by some of the top names in finance, including Visa, Citi, Gaingels, Financial Venture Studio, Socially Financed and more!
  • Created to empower the queer community through financial education while offering an engaged, welcoming member experience that simplifies online banking and aligns with our values.

We are redefining banking, one pixel at a time. We have pioneered chosen name on cards for trans and non-binary folx, and we're just getting started.

We’re changing the way LGBT+ people think about money, and that means changing the whole system. You have a vision and—whether that's a picket fence or a closet full of coveralls—deserve the financial resources and roadmaps to get there. Your identity impacts your finances, so your bank should be built around your identity.

Our community has $1T spending power in the US and yet 53% of LGBT+ people struggle to maintain regular savings. That’s high-key unacceptable.

The rest of the system has you reinvesting in things you’re not about. Daylight’s in-built charity donation platform makes it easy for you to reinvest back into the community. And we’ll be reinvesting right alongside you—a substantial part of our profits go to local projects targeting the most underprivileged LGBT+ people in our community.

The way your bank thinks about money directly impacts how you think about it. It’s time to start thinking about it through an LGBT+ lens.


Daylight Values…

Joining the team means you’ll join us as we go looking for trouble (so we can solve it!). That means that you will exemplify our behaviors.

  1. Tenacious – You’re persistent and persevering. You’re resilient. You never give up.
  2. Attentive – You’re great at listening and observing. Your understanding drives empathy and shapes what we create and how we respond.
  3. Clever – You’re not just smart. You’re ingenious, bright and skilled. Ready to figure things out. (You’re also not afraid of being clever. Think witty and unexpected with a dash of humor)
  4. Celebratory – This is more than pride. You’re affirming—you see and cheer on personal wins, set and met goals and the community around us.

Our story of fearlessly creating LGBT+ wealth is just beginning.

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