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You won’t just be developing the next phase of precision health, you’ll work alongside exceptional people who are applying engineering, design, life science, and other technological and creative disciplines to improve people’s health and quality of life on a global scale.

About ixlayer

ixlayer is reinventing the health ecosystem by empowering every individual to manage their health testing at home. ixlayer’s technology infrastructure and software is leveraged by large enterprises to enable millions of people to regularly have a superior lab testing experience. Think of us as the Stripe of Healthcare - enabling health systems, payors, biopharma, and digital health companies to connect their patients to the right test at the right time, all with a patient-friendly experience.

ixlayer raised a $75M Series A led by General Catalyst (VC behind Snap, Stripe, AirBnB, Oscar and many other top flight startups) with participation of Salesforce and Accenture. The company is in a hyper-growth stage rolling out its health testing platform. We are very well-capitalized through both our revenue-generating customers and VCs, giving us the resources to go after big things! 

Founded in 2018, ixlayer currently supports millions of patients and has launched hundreds of testing programs for large organizations, health systems and every level of the government.



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