IONpath Inc.

About us: Ionpath is a venture-backed company transforming the diagnosis and treatment of disease with Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging (MIBI). MIBI is a revolutionary imaging platform invented by a group of physician-scientists in the Stanford Department of Pathology looking to bring tissue imaging into the era of molecular medicine. The MIBI technology permits 40+ biomolecules to be imaged simultaneously with data fidelity that exceeds current single-plex approaches. Ionpath has entered the commercial phase and is experiencing fast revenue growth and rapid expansion of our product line. We are headquartered in Menlo Park and are looking for talented professionals to join our driven, results oriented, innovative and collaborative team.

Current Job Openings

Engineering R&D

Field Service Engineer
Menlo Park, CA/Chicago/Boston/New York


Head of Marketing
Menlo Park, CA


Service and Support

Customer Success Director
Menlo Park, CA