Inversion Space

Turning Space into a Transportation Layer for Earth

Inversion was founded in 2021 with the mission to build the first affordable return capability for the commercial and defense space industries. With launching to space becoming cheap and frequent, comparable options for return must become available to allow for a robust economy in space.

We believe in a future where returning from space is as common as launching to space. We are building re-entry vehicles faster and cheaper than ever before through a focus on simplicity. Come join us as we make space a transportation layer for Earth. 


Current Job Openings

Business Development

Commercial Business Development
Torrance, California
Head of NASA Engagement
Torrance, California


Embedded Flight Software Engineer
Torrance, California
Head of Avionics
Torrance, California
Head of Hardware Engineering
Torrance, California

Talent Acquisition

Lead Technical Recruiter
Torrance, California

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