Invaio Sciences

Based in nature.

Invaio Sciences, Inc. is a startup harnessing ingenuities found in nature, evolving our relationship with insects and taking a more mindful approach to agriculture in order to find solutions for pressing problems in food, its production, our health and the environment.

Using bleeding edge science and advanced technologies, Invaio is releasing the true power of nature. We are guided by six principles:

  1. Rooted in nature: Everything we enhance, create, or change we’ve learned from nature.
  2. Be optimistic: There are infinite possibilities in nature. Do not be bound by previous limitations, and thinking of the past.
  3. Embrace risk: As unrelenting innovators we embrace risks that will solve the world’s biggest problems.
  4. Students of nature: Stay curious because nature always has something to teach us.
  5. Beyond the horizon: Look beyond what we do today from the view of tomorrow to understand true impacts. Do what's right; not just efficient.
  6. All things connected: Living outside category silos allows us to reveal the connections that others cannot see.

Invaio Sciences, Inc., was founded in 2018 by Flagship Pioneering, an early-stage life sciences innovation company. Since Flagship’s founding in 2000, the firm has originated and fostered the development of around 100 science-based companies, resulting in more than $30 billion in aggregate value, thousands of patents, and a pipeline of more than 50 clinical development programs.

Invaio is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, with offices in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA; Basel, Switzerland; and Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Current Job Openings


Global Commercial Lead, Citrus
United States or Brazil


Facilities Technician
Cambridge, MA

Research and Development

Scientist, Formulation
Cambridge, MA