Interstellar Lab

At Interstellar Lab, our mission is to build a future full of life, on Earth and beyond. This future will only be made possible if we figure out how we – humans can live respectfully as part of our environment, in a sustainable and regenerative way. We therefore design and build environment-controlled modules able to create ideal conditions for plants to grow efficiently everywhere – making possible durable farming and biodiversity conservation on Earth, and optimized life-support in space.

Interstellar Lab was founded in September 2018 by entrepreneur Barbara Belvisi and now encompasses a team of over 30 engineers, scientists, and designers dedicating their time to helping life become multi-planetary. Interstellar Lab is currently located south of Paris (France) and in Cape Canaveral (USA), looking to expand in Houston (USA) in the coming year. We are constantly on the lookout for talents passionate about aerospace, environmental science, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology.

Current Job Openings

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