Interstellar Lab

At Interstellar Lab, our goal is to build a future full of life on Earth and beyond. 

Becoming a multi-planetary species is one of the most exciting future we can dream of for humanity. But for us, it makes sense only if we figure out how to live in a sustainable, closed-loop and regenerative way. On this planet before others. 

Our solution is to develop and build regenerative closed-loop villages on Earth before heading to the Moon and Mars. Our durable and modular habitat combines an integrated food production, water and waste systems to support human life in any environment. Each village is designed as a station with several sealed modules, all environmentally-controlled and monitored thanks to our prediction and simulation software. 

A framework for sustainable living on Earth, a testbed for space manned-mission. 

We are looking for people with a passionate interest in aerospace, environmental science, sustainability and cutting-edge technology. You will join a team of aerospace engineers, scientists, architects and software engineers - including former NASA, SpaceX, Airbus, Safran and Dassault (meet the team on our Linkedin), all eager to build now the world for tomorrow.

We are located between Paris and Los Angeles. If you don't find a position that fits your skills here, feel free to send us an email at and tell us how you want to contribute to our mission.


Current Job Openings

Architecture and Construction

Senior Computational Architect/Designer
Paris, FRANCE / Los Angeles, USA

Automation and Control

AI Engineer
Paris / Los Angeles

ECLSS Engineering

HVAC Systems Engineer

Marketing and Communication

Material & Structure

Mechanical Engineer

Software and Firmware

Back-End Developer (Mid-level / Senior)
Paris, FRANCE / Los Angeles, USA