International House at UC Berkeley

Truly a unique and inspirational organization, International House is committed to fostering intercultural respect and leadership skills to promote an equitable, peaceful world. Originally founded in 1930, International House remains a vibrant community, affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley. International House promotes lifelong friendships and learning throughout a vastly multicultural community, promoting greater understanding and acceptance.

International House is also home to the Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership and Programs (RCILP), a center for programming and training to cultivate leadership, understanding, and cross-cultural collaboration. Through RCILP, students are provided the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills in engaging with various cultures, building diverse teams, leading inclusivity, and creating a culture of belonging. Approaching its centennial anniversary, I-House is positioned in a crucial space to continue broadening perspectives in our increasingly global world.

At International House, we believe that the world is more peaceful when we embrace diversity. We seek, value, and are committed to hiring talented and qualified individuals from diverse backgrounds. We celebrate all our differences and foster inclusion across, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, ability, parental status, and experience.

We encourage people from all backgrounds and abilities to apply!

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