Interana is changing the data analytics industry through our platform that allows infinite, sophisticated and layered questions to be asked of all of the customer data,. We bring an easy-to-use platform to the entire organization, instead of requiring trained data analysts to produce a limited set of static reports to make data-driven decisions. Our unique approach was originated by Facebook engineers who found the that the best commercial tools were not powerful enough to support real-time exploration of billions of daily user actions and interactions. With Interana, the entire organization can stop guessing and start knowing how and why customers are acting, interacting and transacting with their products and services, in real time and throughout all time.


Current Job Openings

Customer Success


Sr. Backend Software Engineer ( Python, C++ )
Redwood City, CA Boston, MA
Sr. DevOps Engineer
Redwood City, CA Boston, MA
Sr. Frontend Software Engineer (JavaScript)
Redwood City, CA Boston, MA

Professional Services

Sr. Implementation Engineer (Python)
Redwood City, CA Boston, MA