About Instabase

Instabase's vision hones in on intelligent automation. Just like the personal computer worked for individual persons, Instabase’s mission is to empower people to focus on the meaningful, productive parts of their jobs.

Innovators have a completely new set of building blocks which they can use to address existing processes, imagine new ones, and solve problems on a larger scale with Instabase.  We provide tools and apps for processing documents, data extraction and classification, natural language processing, and optical character recognition; allowing creators, developers, and organizations to build complex business applications based on their needs. Our growing marketplace of pre-packaged business applications are being deployed in many industries, such as finance, logistics, healthcare, and many more.

We’ve secured funding from leading venture capital firms such as NEA, a16z, Greylock Partners, Index Ventures, and more.  We are looking to grow into the next era of computing.

Come join our adventure!

The Role

As a Software Engineer - Deep Customer Focus (SE-DCF), you will be responsible for understanding our customers’ greatest pain points and designing end-to-end solutions to address them. SE-DCFs solicit constant feedback on their work from both customers and colleagues, improving our products over time with rapid iteration cycles.

SE-DCFs deploy ground breaking technical solutions to solve our customers’ hardest problems. A project can start from how can we transform a client's loan underwriting program? How can we overhaul a client's legal review process? SE-DCFs lead the way in developing a solution, from high-level system design and prototyping to application development and data integration. As a SE-DCFs, you leverage everything around you: Instabase products, open source technologies, and anything you and your team can build to drive real impact. You work with customers around the globe, where you gain rare insight into the world’s most important industries and institutions.

Key Qualities of a Software Engineer - Deep Customer Focus:

  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Ability to think about large systems at the process level
  • A results-focused mindset
  • Enjoys learning about and diving into other people's challenges
  • Enjoy teaching/enabling others through creative solutions, and become an Instabase power-user

Working in this area require knowledge in one or more of the following:

  • B.S. in Computer Science (or equivalent major)
  • 3+ years experience in Software Engineering or equivalent field
  • Languages: Python, Go, Java, C++ (one or more is welcome)
  • Experience in "wrangling" datasets
  • Fundamentals of Distributed Systems
  • RPC Frameworks: Thrift, gRPC
  • Cloud Services: Google Cloud, AWS, Azure
  • Web Fundamentals, APIs, and REST
  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Database Systems
  • Tools: Docker, Kubernetes


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