How will the ML-AI teams at InMobi shake the world?

We help mobile users find what they need and what they want during their app experiences. We are able to learn from the behaviours and actions of 1.5 billion user devices, across 50+ different countries and 400+ cities around the world.

We provide recommendations direct to these 1.5 billion user devices. We display 8 billion advertisements every day. That's 1 advertisement for every individual in the world. In the process, we learn a tremendous amount about what works and what does not work in advertising. Importantly, what products people really want, both digital apps and offline commerce.

You can now see how our models must develop a deep understanding of how to match products with the right individuals. We also must design, deliver and enhance a user experience so that recommendations really work. We are becoming integral to the digital mobile experience of billions of users across the planet, and want to become world-class at this.

Why will you learn and experiment faster at InMobi than anywhere else?

There are 8 billion interactions a day by people with our recommendations. That’s 5 million a minute! We see the success of our models and experiments astonishingly quickly – our learning loop is not measured in weeks or days. It is hours and minutes. We live in what might be the fastest model-learning playgrounds in the world.

We have built an infrastructure that enables model deployment at scale and speed. As data scientists, we sit alongside engineering colleagues who enable our models to deploy. We have 300+ engineering colleagues sitting within 30 metres of our team.

Combine this with our growing variable set of hundreds of potential features (and growing!), and this is a highly-fertile environment for building, experimenting, refining and achieving real impact from your models. If models fire, the bottom-line impact to our teams is immediate – you see the value of your work incredibly fast.

Why our day-to-day is not like any other day at the office?

We live in an office environment where every InMobian sits on an open floor, including our founders and CEO. Our product, engineering, infrastructure and business colleagues are side by side us. Our problem-solving and design decisions happen fast and on-the-fly.

We actually write, draw and design on our desks, walls, furniture.. you name it! Ideas flow free at InMobi and they are enhanced by multi-skilled colleagues participating actively and together. Hierarchy, titles and bureaucracy are meaningless words at InMobi.

Why does InMobi have the best start-up culture in India?

We are an infectious bunch who enjoy one another’s company. We rise to challenges in the data-driven products we create, the visions we chase or the fun we have on the journey.

Today, we are proud to be the leaders in mobile advertising and we are sure to go even higher from here into the wider data-driven universe.

We invite you to free yourself, dream big and chase your passions. We are here today because a few of us did just that. Modern work environment and smart, creative, down-to-earth people.

We make our work a place to be truly comfortable and enjoy your personal interests. There are free meals all days of the week, a fully-equipped gym, a 5000 sq. ft. sports hall and even yoga class to flex those legs. We promise to let you bring your kids and pets to work.

Why is our ML-AI team on the road to world-class stardom?

We are motivated for high-speed learning. We have intriguing business and social science problems to better understand human behaviours. We have an engineering environment to try stuff and learn fast.

We are constantly developing new concepts and approaches. We debate, design and experiment across different model designs and algorithms. Every few days we are trying new methodologies.

We are continuously learning and sharing the best in the field with each other. You will learn new model concepts, methods of design, approaches to deployment from each of your team every day at work. We learn from exciting examples from team members across India, Europe and Silicon Valley.

We are innovators. Our team members have a variety of backgrounds in physics, maths, engineering, computer science, economics and social science. This feeds new perspectives and ideas. We are in this business to transform the game, and our whole company recognises that ML-AI is the major component to make it so.

What do we look for in our team?

The core foundation we look for is an aptitude with mathematics, and a competent ability with data science languages and tools, such as Python or Apache Spark. Most importantly, we look for a passion to investigate and learn about the world from data, to ask interesting and provocative questions, and be driven to put real models into production that drive real business value.


We are open to diverse academic backgrounds, providing an intent to think and problem-solve like a data scientist. Our team includes engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists, economists and social scientists – a rock-star data scientist can come from any academic field.

What you will be doing?

You will lead the model development to answer and add value to a specific business problem. This will involve specifying and understanding the problem, working with colleagues to design the methodology and product solution, extracting and processing the data, developing the model, working with engineers to put the model into production, and ensuring the model can be evaluated.

You should be prepared to be agile and iterate fast across experiment to deliver go-to-market ready products.

Our team strives for thought leadership in the sector. We encourage and support all team members to write blogs, commentary and case studies published on the InMobi AI blog. We also support team members across our ML-AI team to speak at industry conferences and represent InMobi’s work.

What you will learn in your InMobi experience?

You will learn how to design and build models for specific business problems. You will learn to start a model design by anchoring in the business context and end user needs. You will learn how to connect model impact with real and measurable business impact.

You will work in a multi-functional team environment. You will collaborate and benefit from the skills of a diverse group of individuals from teams such as engineering, product, business, campaign management and creative development.

You will have the opportunity to experiment with multiple algorithms. Enduring learning comes from building, launching and reviewing performance of a particular algorithm; from asking why something worked or why it did not work; from asking how to tailor techniques to fit the problem at hand. We have an environment that makes this possible at speed.

Importantly, you will learn to become creative in designing models to be successful. Model design is not one-size-fits. Our models need to fit our particular problems, and be modified to perform. Tougher problems require layers of models, and feedback mechanisms in a dynamic environment such as ours.

We are a company that innovates and demonstrates our thought leadership to the world, whether in products, research papers or conferences – there are many opportunities for you to shine.

What do we expect from you?

  • We are looking for Bachelor’s or Master’s in a quantitative field such as Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Operations Research or Economics.
  • Pursuing BS, BA, BE or MS/ MBA graduating between December 2018-August 2019.
  • You should have strong knowledge of algorithms and techniques from Machine Learning, Statistics, Time Series, and some experience in deploying algorithms to solve business problems, or research questions
  • You should be comfortable with software programming and statistical platforms such as R, Python, Java etc.
  • You should want to develop excellent technical and business communication skills so you can present technical ideas in a simple manner to business counterparts. We will help you develop this.
  • We are looking for people with a high degree of curiosity and a ability to rapidly learn new subjects and systems.


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