Why Inkbit might be great for you

We are a collaborative team in the process of growing, passionate about creating the next-generation 3D printing platform. Inkbit’s technology is multi-disciplinary and exciting, combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with an industrial 3D printing form factor to revolutionize manufacturing.

You would join a team that is small enough that you will know everyone else well, where you will collaborate closely to solve exciting, impactful problems in 3D printing, and where you will be surrounded by others who are great at what they do and who are supportive team-players. At Inkbit, you will grow professionally in a teamwork-centric environment and will make impactful contributions to the team and the next generation of 3D printing.

What we are looking for in a Software Engineering Intern

We are looking for someone who would like to work closely with other members of the team in a stimulating environment and is curious about new opportunities to learn and grow. Our team is both ambitious and supportive, and we expect that new team members help build this team culture as the company grows.

As a member of our small, collaborative engineering team, you will work together with colleagues on the development of Inkbit’s 3D printing system. You are curious about software problems and puzzles and enjoy being in an environment where you can learn quickly and share your experience with others. You will also frequently interact with members of Inkbit’s highly multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists.

For applicants from the MIT 6-A program we are offering two topics of focus:

Digital Design and Computer Graphics
Inkbit is looking for a motivated student passionate about computer graphics, design, and digital
fabrication. The student will learn about the latest methods and implement a selection of the algorithms
to enhance our interactive 3D design tool. The topics include numerical simulation, geometry processing,
rendering, and optimization. Our goal is to provide designers with an advanced design software to create
and visualize stunning 3D objects that can be manufactured using Inkbit’s 3D printing technology. The
design tools will be used by designers and engineers around the world and will have a direct impact in
disrupting how products are designed and manufactured.

3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning
Inkbit is looking for a motivated student passionate about computer vision and machine learning. The
student will learn the state-of-the-art methods and implement a selection of algorithms to improve 3D
geometry processing for the real-time computer vision system. The relevant topics include: 3D scanning,
machine learning for 3D geometry processing, and high-performance computing. The task of the
internship is to work with Inkbit’s research scientists to develop a layer of intelligence for the next
generation manufacturing machines. The internship will focus on modeling of the 3D data captured by
Inkbit's real-time scanners for control of a 3D manufacturing system.


Main Skills and Experience

Many great team members do not fit a “standard blueprint”. Even if you do not fit all aspects listed below, but feel that you can contribute to Inkbit’s team, please do not hesitate to apply or to reach out with questions.

  • BS in Computer Science or related field
  • Experienced in C++ programming

Bonus Skills

  • Experience with computer graphics
  • Experience with CUDA
  • Familiarity with web application development
  • Familiarity with Javascript/Typescript

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