Why Inkbit might be great for you

We are a collaborative team in the process of growing, passionate about creating the next-generation 3D printing platform. Inkbit’s technology is multi-disciplinary and exciting, combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with an industrial 3D printing form factor to revolutionize manufacturing.

You would join a team that is small enough that you will know everyone else well, where you will collaborate closely to solve exciting, impactful problems in 3D printing, and where you will be surrounded by others who are great at what they do and who are supportive team-players. At Inkbit, you will grow professionally in a teamwork-centric environment and will make impactful contributions to the team and the next generation of 3D printing.

What we are looking for in a Process Engineer

We are establishing a world-class smart factory with two goals.  First, we want to create a showcase facility that will serve as a model for our customers.  The second is to use this Digital Factory to safely and profitably make large quantities of high-quality parts.  When our customers visit our HQ, we want them to see a great example of how Inkbit’s equipment should be installed and used to create the most value.  The PE will have a lead role in building this world-class facility.

The PE will be responsible for developing, improving, automating, documenting and validating the post-printing processes. The Inkbit technology allows for the manufacture of parts with dramatically lower labor and processing time when compared to other 3D printing platforms like SLA and DLP. These advantages have been proven out but now need to be industrialized for scale-up and customer use.

Initially, the PE will focus on the existing post-printing processes which included cleaning, inspecting and packaging.  Over time, the effort will expand to include radical improvements in all aspects of the process, including implementing automation throughout.

The PE has a lead role in enabling a culture of metrics, continuous improvement and standard work.  This will include establishing factory-wide dashboards, process mapping and implementing/supporting a 5S program. 

This is a challenging role for someone interested in being at the start of an Industry 4.0 implementation.  We have a close-knit team of engineers, scientists, engineers and business professionals to support you along this journey.  If you want a position full of opportunity to learn about and contribute to the next generation of additive manufacturing, please consider applying!


  • Document, improve and validate the post-printing value chain
  • Optimize facility layout
  • Support technicians and trouble-shoot as needed
  • Identify and procure equipment and services
  • Establish a complete metrology capability
  • Develop and implement the long-range automation program
  • Ensure safety and compliance in the process, including chemical and occupational safety
  • Define and implement metrics, targets and dashboards
  • Travel infrequently (<5% of time) internationally and domestically

Experience & Education:

  • Lean manufacturing and/or other continuous improvement methodologies
  • 2+ years as a process engineer
  • Thrive in a culture of employee empowerment
  • Proven ability to document processes

Bonus Experience:

  • 6 sigma
  • 3D printing
  • Part cleaning
  • Metrology and inspection equipment
  • Validation


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