Why Inkbit might be great for you

We are a collaborative team in the process of growing, passionate about creating the next-generation 3D printing platform. Inkbit’s technology is multi-disciplinary and exciting, combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with an industrial 3D printing form factor to revolutionize manufacturing.

You would join a team that is small enough that you will know everyone else well, where you will collaborate closely to solve exciting, impactful problems in 3D printing, and where you will be surrounded by others who are great at what they do and who are supportive team-players. At Inkbit, you will grow professionally in a teamwork-centric environment and will make impactful contributions to the team and the next generation of 3D printing.

What we are looking for in an Application Engineer

We are looking for someone who would like to work closely with other members of the team in a stimulating environment and is curious about new opportunities to learn and grow. Our team is both ambitious and supportive, and we expect that new team members help build this team culture as the company grows.

As a member of our collaborative team, you will work together with colleagues on the development of new applications for Inkbit's additive manufacturing platform. You will assist prospective customers validate their use for our product and be their technical guide as they send orders to our in-house production facility.

You have a strong understanding of design engineering using the most cutting-edge tools available. You are a creative problem solver who can communicate well with customers, salespeople, and engineers alike. You enjoy working with customers who are trying to push the boundaries and make something new. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Acting as the technical counterpart to support sales activities
  • Acting as technical lead on joint customer projects
  • Performing testing and analysis as part of joint customer projects
  • Assessing, providing feedback on, and editing models provided by current and prospective customers
  • Using state-of-the-art software tools to design parts that demonstrate the full capabilities of Inkbit's platform
  • Preparing multi-material parts for production on internal printers

Main Skills and Experience

Many great team members do not fit a “standard blueprint”. Even if you do not fit all aspects listed below, but feel that you can contribute to Inkbit’s team, please do not hesitate to apply or to reach out with questions.

  • Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field with 2+ years direct experience
  • Proficiency with modern CAD/CAE software
  • Experience with design engineering using topology optimization or generative design
  • Ability to communicate with colleagues and customers in non-engineering disciplines
  • Ability to manage and report on joint development projects with customers

Bonus Skills

  • Experience with inkjet printing systems
  • Experience with additive manufacturing
  • Experience with nTopology
  • Experience with Fusion 360

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