Ingenuity Prep has formally announced that we will be virtual for the first half of the 2020-21 school year (August 2020 to January 2021) to keep our students and staff members safe. If you are currently out-of-state but interested in moving to the DC-area in the upcoming months, the virtual setting provides additional time to relocate and you are encouraged to apply. 

Ingenuity Prep prepares PreK, elementary, and middle school students in Ward 8 to succeed in college and beyond as impactful civic leaders. Our innovative instructional model promotes small group learning for students, collaborative teaching teams, and robust coaching and professional development opportunities for teachers. Our teacher career ladder rewards strong performance over time, giving teachers the opportunity to earn higher levels of base compensation and bonuses as they demonstrate effectiveness with their students and colleagues. Our instructional leaders are charged with supporting teachers by providing clear expectations, ongoing feedback, and targeted development.

In 2019, we opened our first middle school program which focuses on rigorous academics and social justice. During SY20-21, we are expanding our middle school program to include 5th graders and we will welcome our first class of 7th graders. We are looking for an experienced instructional leader who is deeply committed to students, has a passion for African-American history and civic leadership, and wants to continue building a new program for Ingenuity Prep’s students, families, and staff.


  •  Mission: We’re closing the opportunity gap. Students and families in Southeast D.C. have too few options for high-quality elementary, middle, and high schools.  Ingenuity Prep aspires to right this systemic injustice providing an exemplary educational option for Southeast D.C.’s students and families.
  • Model: We pair high expectations with high support. Too often, our students are underestimated.  At Ingenuity Prep, an innovative teacher development model, paired with best-in-class training from strong instructional leaders, allows us to grow great teachers who, ultimately, lead high-expectation and high-support classrooms.
  • Results: Our students are defying expectations. Ingenuity Prep’s students outperform their neighborhood peers on rigorous, national, college-track assessments.  Already out-performing many of their more privileged peers around the city, in the coming years, Ingenuity Prep’s students will provide an expectation-defying and achievement-gap-closing proof point — showing what our kids are capable of when we provide the right opportunities, expectations, and support.


Instructional leaders at Ingenuity Prep:

  • Along with the Academy Principal, share responsibility for ensuring that students achieve exceptional academic outcomes and growth as leaders, and that teachers create joyful, highly-efficient, and learning-focused classroom structures. 
  • Along with the Vice Principal of Special Education, share responsibility for ensuring that students with disabilities are learning and growing at a rate comparable to their peers. 
  • Regularly support a cohort of History and ELA teachers through formal coaching sessions, real-time coaching, and professional development; provide teachers with actionable feedback that allows them to attain high expectations.
  • Regularly analyze literacy data including, but not limited to Guided Reading lessons, bi-weekly assessments, STAR reading assessment data, ANET, and NWEA scores to make shifts in curricular choices, intervention practices, and Special Education goals.
  • Build strong relationships with students and families.
  • Collaborate with Ingenuity Prep’s instructional leadership to identify instructional practices and strategies  that will best support our teachers and students.
  • Review lesson plans and student data to inform curricular, coaching, professional development, and student-support decisions and strategies.
  • Provide emotional constancy and support for your team.
  • Work intentionally to create an exemplary staff culture in which teachers can grow and thrive.


Ingenuity Prep may be the right fit for you if:

  • You have at least 2 years of experience as an instructional leader in a low-income school
  • You have at least 3-4 years of experience as a ELA/Humanities lead teacher
  • You have experience coaching teachers to improve their practice.
  • You want to work closely with your peers, and in a school where teacher collaboration is a critical component of the instructional model.
  • You want to work in a feedback-rich culture, and are eager to grow your practice as well as the practice of teachers.
  • You have deep experience using academic data to drive whole-group and small-group instruction, and partnering with families as part of supporting student success.
  • You believe effective instruction is full of joy and rigor.
  • You have experience working with Teach Like a Champion techniques, STEP assessments, guided reading instruction, or Cognitively Guided Instruction (or the ability to learn these tools quickly!).
  • You have a Bachelor’s degree and, ideally, a graduate degree in education.


Ingenuity Prep offers among the strongest compensation and benefits packages of any public charter school in Washington, D.C. Our compensation and benefits package includes:

  • Highly competitive compensation.
  • 100%% of medical and dental premiums for employees paid for by Ingenuity Prep, along with 100% of dependent premiums.
  • 100% of employee’s short­ and long-term disability and life insurance plans paid for by Ingenuity Prep.
  • A minimum of two weeks maternity/paternity leave at 100% pay for all staff -- regardless of gender. Over time, that increases to as much as six weeks -- all at 100% pay.
  • A 100% match -- up to 3% -- on your 401K retirement plan.
  • A 100% Ingenuity Prep-paid cell phone plan. You can even bring your current number into our plan.
  • MacBook Air computer for professional and personal use

Ingenuity Prep does not make hiring decisions on the basis of race, color, creed, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, age, disability, veteran status, religion, political affiliation or any other characteristic protected by state, federal, or local law.

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